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    First and formost this game rocks 8) . I was finally able to get the game going by disableing the “tank skins” in the options.

    first possible bug- I cant use it as a full screen game. It wacks up my desktop and won’t fix until I restart my PC. (if you want extra details please ask). this is just an annoyance 😡 to me but it works fine in a window.

    Second possible bug- if my mouse pointer is not contained within the boundaries of the game window all graphics and animation and movement cease to continue. I can press directional buttons and noises can be heard but nothing happens until the mouse pointer is moved back within the game window. Again Annoying ❓ but I can live with that.

    Third possible bug- when I start a single player game or any type of “localized” game (in otherwords I am only playing against the computer or other person in the same computer as me) the game starts by generating a map and all but then says that the game could not start blah blah blah (the same thing that others have said). (and now that I got the game working) I click “ok” pick a tank etc and the game creates a new map to use. This is also anoying to me. 🙄

    Other than that this game is awesome and I find it very fun 😀 .


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