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    Just picture it you power up your computer, find your target, set elevation and direction. Hit the fire button and the turrent placed on your PC fires off its missiles. Just in time for gift giving.

    You talkin’ to me?

    The USB Missile Launcher

    To defend your desktop from those pesky impostors, all you need to do is install the software provided and plug in the Missile Launcher to the USB port on your notebook or desktop computer. The Missile Launcher holds three harmless foam missiles, the direction and angle of launch can be adjusted to 45 degrees or a full 180 rotation by either moving the arrows on your keyboard or moving the cursor of your mouse and missile command can be found on your desktop. We strongly advise you to crank up the volume on your computer as the sound effects are pretty impressive! Once you have located your target, the Missile Launcher fires the three foam missiles one after another when you thump the ‘Fire’ button!

    Technical specifications

    • Plugs directly into your USB port.
    • Three foam missles included.
    • A software CD that allows the control panel to appear on your computer screen
    • The launcher is roughly seven inches high.
    • The missiles can be shot approximately five to eight feet.
    • The launcher can rotate 180 degrees around the base and the missiles can be projected up to 45 degrees.
    • The launcher requires three AA batteries which are not included.

    Just plug this in your port fire up the software and fire away.

    and here is where to get one






    since this isn’t scorched related and it contains links to offsite things for sale, I’m moving to offtopic.

    Nice toy!

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