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    pastor of muppets

    Gonna be playing at night this Saturday, Sunday and maybe Monday night I would sure love to see some of my old pals on those nights. HB get your arse back in here. Others and you know who you are I would love to have a good old fashioned scorch fest this weekend if you can all afford to be on here (Ummm pretty sure it’s still free).



    Planning to be there at some point then. We’ll see how I do sitting up… I have an operation today at 2 pm………not planning to do much real work for a few days.



    I been beatin up on Bots for the last half hour……..wth are all the bastages??
    They blow up better….cheers……..stoli up! :mrgreen:



    Crap – my last email went out as a new post. Not sure how I did that…

    I was wondering why nobody was online lately, but I know I’ve been all lately myself. So, I came back to the good ol’ forums and I’m online now! 😀

    I get labor day off (how ironic! lol) so I’m here for a few nights, too.

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