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    Has anyone else noticed that when a new round starts, not all the players are displayed in either the main view or the map view until the buy screen comes up? This become more apparent to me as a single session goes on.

    It looks to me like all the players that are in a game before I join are shown on the map when a new round starts, but all the players who join AFTER I do are not shown until the Purchace Menu pops up. At that point, you then see them on the map view and around the edges of the menu in the main screen.

    I like to use those few seconds while the server syncs everybody to locate targets, and find it didfficult to try to guess colors in the map view while trying to purchase weapons at the same time, particularly when two people have similar, or even the same, colors. There’s been a number of times where, seeing 3 players on a map at the new round, I miss a chance to buy a large-type warhead because one of the players I saw by himself now has 2 really close neighbors.

    Not trying to nitpick, but we are invited to “get into the strategy” of the game right there on the front page of the site. 😀



    Not sure I quite get what you mean. But I will have a look into it.

    Heres a question for you. Should you be able to see the player positions before the game actualy starts (e.g. when buying). I dont think the original let you.

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