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    I really got offended by this dude Pipes. He always comes in complaining about trucers,cliques of people that don’t kill eo….and calling everyone queers.

    I asked politley to pay and quit complaining several days in a row and got nothing but offensive ,snide comments in return.

    Please…..warn or ban him…..whatever……You guys have all known me a long time and it takes alot to get be riled. But this boys done it.



    *moved to appropriate forum*

    Noted, Chopper. I know well that you’re not one to make a complaint, an eye will be kept out.





    CB just brought it also to the admins forum and it will takin carfe of and an action be will done if needed.
    Yea I don’t remember u complaining about anything chop. I read the logs and if u complains that it indeed was bad enough to make u complain.




    Thanks guys…..check with Starwind too……he was really getting fired up.
    Anyway, as long as I’ve played……there has always been friendly atmosphere with a few knuckleheads drifting in and out….I suppose I’ll just hang and LET MY HAMMERS DO MY TALKING. 😈



    Hmm – been around when Pipes where there too – unpleasant fella too be sure, but not offensive as such. More the vindictive type I guess and allergic to hogs or get killed by the same person two turns in a row – did both;) – he took it badly.



    KTM Rider

    Pipes was on Merge a month or so back. He wasn’t really a problem until he started ragging on Merge; about how he hated the mod and such, but was forced to play it because thats where the people were at the time.

    I’m afraid I got a little snappy with him… And he logged off after he was killed in the first shot three rounds in a row…. I’ve not seen him on since…. Wonder if Thrax simply blocked him.

    I suppose the only issue with this thread is that it would have the tendency to mark a person, making it hard for him to change his act and be accepted again. Oh well….



    Many players have ended up on such a thread KTM some of them change and become better some don’t. When people change we accept them back in with no problems some even after they have problems time after time. 😉

    And if some one like Chopper is offended then it needed to have a thread.



    @irishbandit wrote:

    some of them change and become better some don’t.

    I still say apollo was the best example if this.

    and I was warning people from the beginning about him..
    but not many listened at the time.. oh back in 37.2 ?

    if an indevidual makes by butt itch..

    my( trouble maker alarm) is trying to tell me something 😆



    Noob’s absolutely right….he’s welcome to play and have fun without the attitude. Although, after his mouth off to Brain I witnessed recently….I doubt it will be anytime soon.

    I guess if I didn’t start this thread someone would have…..I really thought it out before I posted. I usually brush this stuff off….but he really got me po’ed ….getting pretty personal and such.

    Most people old and new play, joke…..get blasted and pick themselves up and play again. It IS just a game you know.

    If people like Pipes carry their shoulder chips in real life like they do here all I can do is feel sorry for them. 🙄

    And Shock…..although I seemed to get along with AT…..I know he had a mean streak in him a mile wide that really turned folks off. Personally, I think he was talented enough tech wise to be a very real albeit, different kind of threat.

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