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    I know many hate polls, voting is optional. I’m just courious how many will vote yes and no.

    If you vote YES. Please nominate up to 5 people you want as admins at the servers and send them to me in a private message with the title petition.

    I will post the results of the poll to the admins and gavin. You may nominate yourself. Note that forum admins are not being polled.
    For reference the current admins are listed below.




    I voted “Yes”.
    We do need more. We need more GAME admins from eruopeAsia zone.
    Some of us just don’t have the time and are too busy to be able to come here more often.
    Basicly me and mandy are the only ones from that zone that comes here daily…ahh forgot Brain Damage? πŸ™‚ Still the most urgent need is a Eroupean or Asain (or African also) game admin.



    I say yes… I just don’t know who. I would say someone that’s been around awhile and has played the game often, but I’m not in enough to know who that might be. 😳



    i voted with & agree with apache & DS



    Voted ‘NO’ – i just don’t see need of it.

    I know i don’t play too much recently, but didn’t seen long time situation where admin intervention would be neccesary.



    @chmooreck wrote:

    I know i don’t play too much recently, but didn’t seen long time situation where admin intervention would be neccesary.

    Same here.

    Heh. In fact, reading the list above it seems that there are already too many administrators here.



    @parasti wrote:

    @chmooreck wrote:

    I know i don’t play too much recently, but didn’t seen long time situation where admin intervention would be neccesary.

    Same here.

    Heh. In fact, reading the list above it seems that there are already too many administrators here.

    I’m voting yes, as I’m am only a forum admin. Also many of the admins are in North American. (not usa)


    Brain Damage

    before taking a decision i would like to have more informations, the list you posted BOY, is that a list of forum admins, game admins or both?

    assuming it is a list of game & forum admins i took a look at the stats of those people since i never seen many of those playing ever, those stats are:

    1 does not play online anymore (Deathstriker)
    2 did not play in a very long time, played for a short time recently and disappeared again (DeVice, Sondra)
    1 plays very rarely on the official servers that can be considered not playing in them (Bobirov)
    1 did not even play in the official servers since the new version is out, and played very rarely (compared to the average of the other players in those series) in earlier versions (Jdog)

    i am not complaining about your free time or when/why/where play, this is just a statistic.

    on the remaining:

    2 plays in the EU/africa time zone (mandy, apache)
    5 plays in the USA time zone (willis, wowbagger, cbx550f, ebonite,BOY)

    or if you prefer another division:

    4 of them plays exclusively on the main & teams inside the official servers (BOY, willis, wowbagger, cbx550f)
    3 of them plays in the beginner’s server too (mandy, apache, ebonite)

    i can make another subdivision but this time on the total of the admins (to make a comparison):

    10 of them checks the forums on a regular basis
    1 of them did not do in a long time, did for a short time and disappeared again (DeVice)
    1 did not do in a long time but seems to be checking them again (Sondra)

    the list of the admins is pretty long, but the list of the admins who you can find in the game is much shorter; expecially if you are in the following conditions:

    EU time zone: mandy and/or apache
    USA time zone, beginner’s server: ebonite

    from 12 to 2 or 1, and i don’t think that “EU time zone” is such a restrictive condition (it’s kinda like 8-10 hours of the day), neither “beginner’s server in the USA time zone” since most of the people (and the problems, still due to the # of the players) plays in the beginner’s.



    I voted yes.

    I was about to write a long thing about the admin group composition, but since BD beat me to it I will just say that I concurr and have the same question.



    Yup, guilty, I don’t play as much on the main server and when I do play I’m on a mod server. Apoc, Toybox, Merge, Scavenger, my own when I have it up and then I could be modding again adding in new stuff… some you may have to play to find out!

    Anyways I never asked for game admin for that reason alone that I don’t have the time to be on the main server as much.. Blame bob for getting me into modding πŸ˜‰ for making Apoc and getting it bundled with the game.



    After re-thinking about it, yes I have almost the same opinion like BD.
    It became that too many game admin cannot play too ofter or almost never play. Still the most urgent: EU game admins. Also admins from US|Canada are needed too, but maybe the list should be re-arrange to: Game admins only and ForumsGame admins.

    I have somew names but I guess I’l write them only if the “yes” will get most of the votes.




    So, how do I change my vote, again? πŸ˜›



    i just noticeed that (Admin) was added to forum titles.

    yes, I have not voted but I agree, we probably need some new game admins. forum admins (or super admins πŸ˜› ) no



    I voted yes!
    I have noticed that the main server is almost always empty πŸ˜•
    I believe if the admins frequented the main more often that others would follow suite, as it is now, I rarely play on main because of the lack of players there, for the most part I play on mods where the people are, but would start going back on main if there were players.

    by voting for more admins I am not saying that we need patrolling of the servers for knuckleheads, just people to bring the community back to main and rally support for the game, it seems that ever since v40 came out, players seem to have vanished, and that is very sad πŸ™
    Good Luck πŸ˜€



    i do agree that there should be more admins .i would do it my self but i am new here and need to learn abit more .I have my server up and running with stats ,ill learn on that .i don’t know how many african players are playing would like to know them and maybe come to and agreement to the admin petition

    thx SCIVIRUS

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