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    Greetings….great game….we play every friday afternoon at work as team building exercise…is there any way to add a pause server command so we don’t die when taking a smoke or piss break….it would be great for the admin to pause the server for ten or twenty minutes for every live player to get a break with out getting our butts kicked from the bots… We currently have 10 live players and the balanced filled by bots….we just need to shut the game down periodically so we can pee and smoke….. maybe a command like admin Pause [10] fpr a ten minute break…..just a thought




    Hello Shadowfax, and welcome! 😀

    I am not currently aware of any server commands that do as you wish.. I would invite you to add it to the bug tracker here though for future updates to the game:

    Thanks for stopping by and may you have many good nights of blasting your co-workers! (I often wish i could do that..)

    Dont ever hesitate to ask anything you need, we will for sure help you!!

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