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    in northern Alabama, Misssissippi,Georgia and other parts of the South hit hard by the tornadoes. Count now is very close to 200 killed. Watching tv news a body of 5 year old child was just found in wreckage of a home about 6:30 EST. I’m afraid theres many more coming…. 🙁

    These damnable things strike quickly with a viciousness thats hard to imagine. Thoughts and prayers. [-o<



    Its so sad to watch on the news…



    I had a scare yesterday in Dallas ..jumped in the car & hauled ass
    South because it was heading east from fort worth towards Dallas.

    the last thing you want to do is listen to the idiotic news people & stay inside
    your house to wait in a closet/hallway or a bathtub for death so do that as a
    last resort only.

    If a monster hits your house directly the roof/walls may cave in on you
    then you are basically shredded like a blender from the tornado’s wind debris.

    So it’s my belief that either from little or no warning time, or listening to
    these “idiots on the news” is probably the result of many of these deaths
    by being told to take shelter in your house *not a good idea* so If you don’t
    have a storm shelter or a basement find out what direction it’s coming from
    and hit the freeway.

    I think the reason the news weather anchors tell you to do that is because
    they are instructed to, so to keep traffic jams & weather related accidents
    on the freeways to a minimum.. however I would rather risk it like storm
    chasers do.. visually watching the skyline and racing in the *other* direction.

    apparently the cooling of the ocean or some crap is causing all these
    tornado’s to be active the way they are.



    There’s a reason they wanna keep the roads clear, so people aren’t all on the roads, cramming them up and people getting tossed about while in their cars.

    A million selfish idiots hitting == a million selfish idiots.

    hmmm, second thoughts…. go hit the road!


    pastor of muppets

    In most cases there is not time to hit the road. The one that hit Joplin the next town to the west of me there was only a matter of minutes. Anyone in their vehicle would not have a chance. Our death toll is currently at 124 just 3 days after it hit. People unaccounted for is still 1500, buildings destroyed 8000, the damage is devestating. If you have the warning time and there are not other tornados in the area your best bet is to head south east and try to circle around behind the storm. Remember if the storm overtakes you your chance of survival is greatly decreased in a vehicle instead of a solid anchored structure. As a chaser I’m am always excited when the weather gets angry, this last Sunday I was out of town when I saw the radar and headed home so I could chase if the storm went tornadic. Had I been home odds are pretty good I would not be alive with as quick as this one formed destroyed and ended could have very well been directly in its path with no chance of escape.

    If you are unfamiliar with this particular tornado youtube has some pretty good footage of the tornado and aftermath just need to search Joplin Tornado.



    Hey POMmy

    And say hi to mommy POMmy for me 😀


    pastor of muppets

    Howdy nut Mrs says hi back.

    They updated the unaccounted for today from 1500 to 243 which is great. If you are at all.curious what goes on after an event like this you can check out our local radio stations either online or download their apps. For those of you wanting to help they have list of goods and services needed and numbers to call to assist. Local stations are ksyn 92.5, kzrg 102.9, kixq 102.5, and big dog 97.9


    pastor of muppets

    Just found out not only will Obama be here Sunday but the Westboro Bigot Mafia will be here Sunday. They issued a press release stating praise God 124 dead in Joplin stating they got what they deserved and it was God’s judgement on this city. Amongst the dead are many innocent children these people have lost everything so have nothing to lose. If they are heartless enough to actually show up on Joplin Sunday things could really get bad. Please if you are the praying type keep Joplin in your prayers for Sunday. I will be there as part of the linen protest we will be holding white sheets up to block the tornado victims from the heartless judgmental people who feel it’s God’s will for them to laugh at their suffering rather than lend a hand.



    Ignore the fools, they were here not too long ago. Had their infants and children shoddily clothed out in the freezing South Dakota blizzard.



    pastor of muppets

    Did my research last night. They prey on the desperate the people at the end of their rope. They are a pack of lawyers that are only intersted in the income from suing those that are ready to attack. It all makes sense now that is why they come to those that are weakest and irrational. If you don’t believe me look at a video on youtube when one of them celebrates over a broken window. I will be in Joplin on Sunday I will try to lead a mass of people. If I get the opportunity I will make a difference. I fear the worst but hope for the best. Please pray that a difference is made this weekend be it from me or from another source. I seriously hope and pray that God leads me and uses me for the greater good if that means keeping my mouth shut I will obey if that calls for me to speak up I will obey. Whatever happens with the Westboro Bigot Mafia I hope and pray that you will all support a city of deserving people Joplin MO will move this nation.



    Aw man Ive been wrapped up in my own #@%$ going on, I saw the Joplin one one was bad…..Hate to hear you’re in the thick of it.

    Take care, I donated….since our govt is too busy spending billions weekly trying to rebuild countries that neither like us or want us to help. Now Feds are running short for our own citizens.

    I do grieve for the kids. 😥

    who are the weiners you’re talking about? The folks that show up at our servicemen’s funerals? One thing theyre not is anything close to christians much less humans.

    Good Luck and check in from time to time. Let us know if we can do anything.


    pastor of muppets

    Thanks chop just got back from joplin we shovelef 40,000 lbs of ice and fed 950 volunteers and victims. Had 80 Butterball employees volunteer for this. Same group planned on going to the westboro demonstration tomorrow. I finally convinced them all that if they take our attention away from what is needed they win. All 80 folks plan on returning to joplin tomorrow not one of them will go to the demonstration we will be pulling trailers of 2000 lbs totes of ice and delivering to those in need so they don’t have to come to us.

    As far as the damage guys words can not describe what I saw today. Ellen and I both were shocked she was moved to tears and sobs. She had started videoing and stopped after a few seconds out of respect for the victims. The city is destroyed it went right through the heart of town. 1 1/2 mile wide 6 miles long drive through your city that far then imagine everything that you just drove around being totally gone.

    Yes chop those are the same wieners that picket our brave men and women’s funerals.



    They are inhuman, unfeeling pieces of %$#& and a waste of good air.

    If I was burying my son or daughter and they showed up…..I would be in the news. 😡

    Depiscable garbage….God never intended you to act like that.
    I hope they all go straight to hell.

    what are they thinking? Just when folks need help these pieces of human waste show up to taunt and tell the poor folks that they deserved it? #-o



    Devastating. . . .Thank You for chiming in POM. I was worried about you and your family;ya’ll being so close to Joplin. Tell Maam Hlo. Quite a lot of people were sweating the severe weather that evening & the days following. The people in Joplin and other areas of devastation/events deserve our support & prayers always. We are all human beings after all-Some day our turn may come when we need support & prayers from others also. As for the negative protesting people…they are a waste of good air . . . give no recognition,do not listen. . .
    “What goes around comes around”….for them types.

    ~Keep an eye on the sky & Yur head down~ /Thoughts and Prayers

    Da Vike

    Sum Ol Pics[attachment=0:169oj33p] screen capture 2011-4-14-23-27-19.jpg[/attachment:169oj33p]


    pastor of muppets

    Spent the day in Joplin delivering ice delivered 6000 lbs with my team alone. I have a video I will be uploading to youtube and will post a link later.

    WBC not even an issue. They stopped for gas at Petro and some truck driver accidently parked their trucks where they coulnd’t get out until after the memorial service. One member showed up and he was assaulted =D> by one person. I’m pretty sure whatever they sue him for we as a community will be able to replinish his resources.

    Keep praying guys we just started.

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