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    I for one will sorely miss you Panther30 and your mod!



    @panther30 wrote:

    there are no problems with the mods. the problem is with me and some of the ideas that sprouted in the forums.

    I don’t agree with them. so I am cutting my losses and leaving for good. I don’t wish to be a part of anything that goes on here anymore.

    WTF? 🙁

    These are truly sad times. Having lost Thrax’s servers and all the mods he hosted and now Pinky’s 🙁

    I’m not a mod player, the more basic the better for me, but I’ve played every mod and the bouncy panthers along with the bouncy rapters are by far the most fun weapons I’ve experienced in Scorched.

    Anything can be done for you to stick around Panther? You might not be the most frequent visitor here, but as AW said, you’re still well respected here.

    Farewell dude, best wishes for the remainder of your life 🙂



    doesn’t matter that I’ve lost all interest in scorched…. server is dealing with a noisy PSU fan. I have to replace the server’s PSU. I have the parts on order, but I guess it doesn’t matter now . I won’t even be bringing my website back up.

    who wants the stats tables?




    Been some changes man, maybe you’ll come visit in main some.
    Bet you get scorch fever again.



    I think I figured out what’s made Lord Pinky so Hot Pinky…

    He not on either my list or Chopper’s.
    Sorry dude, that’s what happens to traitorous modders :p



    Panther has asked me to store a version of raptormod. I can see about hosting it possibly after I finish updating awe.




    Laptops Daddy

    @microsoft working group wrote:

    1. I haven’t used windows in about 6 years. i haven’t played a single player game or played on any server in all that time.

    2. I check up on my own servers through the console very infrequently. the one or two times i have caught someone talking in the server console recently, it was to say that windows is the worst OS ever.

    3. being told to “piss off” when I am trying to speak my mind in the forums (which i also visit infrequently.

    It’s not worth my time anymore.


    at least they didnt type it in capitals.

    armor, could i make a small suggestion that mods get stored in something other than s3m format? maybe just a zip?

    s3m files are probably a nice convenience if you have the right version of the game, but if you don’t, it makes the files almost impossible to extract. i had to do a binary edit to get at the apoc files.

    panther30, more polite hopefullllly more contructive suggestions if they’re worth anything at all:

    talk to peanut about psu stuff and bring back panther mod. (it is a pink panther mod (imo there should be at least two)). consider options for some sort of special badge or colour for people on forums with active mods? maybe ask gcamp if possible?


    ^ i’m trying to cover a couple of mods on a server, but it needs someone with their own mod to do it properly.

    you know you can buy a cheap vps for about 3 bucks a month, which is less than a home server costs to run in electricity if it’s on 24/7. you probably don’t need my help, but i’d make an offer to you or anyone to do the initial setup so that it’s ready to use as an s3d/web server. never too much trouble if you trust me to do it. i can do servers, i can’t do mods.

    i think we should all collaborate instead of feuding over silliness.



    All mods I archive are in zip format. I have only used the s3m format to upload to the server. Perhaps we can talk to Gavin about the format.

    (an updated version of apoc is always available in the globalmods folder..)

    As for the servers, Gavin has given me the official AWE server, so I need to get that one up and running before I contemplate hosting another. AWE is coming along nicely, though not near as fast as I would like.

    All the best,



    Laptops Daddy

    @armorwraith wrote:

    As for the servers, Gavin has given me the official AWE server, so I need to get that one up and running before I contemplate hosting another. AWE is coming along nicely, though not near as fast as I would like

    i meant servers far as the linux etcs rather than s3d server/mod settings/xml stuff.

    we still need something thraxish for mods i think. unofficial or um. what were they called? didn’t we have a special icon of some sort to show unofficial but approved servers? we need some more of that.

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