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    Yesterday, one of or hardware vendors dropped off 2 test PCs. Both sport the latest bells and whistles, and are pre-loaded with Windows Vista. I had a look at them, and I must say, Vista is pretty nice to work with, once it’s configured properly. But what should I do with 2 Vista boxes in my server room ? I thought we keep one, just for fun, and format the HDD of the other one. Everything here runs on FreeBSD or AIX, so it wouldn’t make much for diversity to put that on them, right ? Then I remembered the Scorched3d download page. It seems there are no recent packages for Debian/Ubuntu, Slackware and Solaris. I thought I take care of the most popular distros. A *.deb package for Debian Lenny/Ubuntu 7.10 will be send to Gavin shortly. I have 3 empty partitions left, if anyone’d like a package/port for a specific OS, just let me know. I’m bored senseless here, everything runs so damn smooth. Most of the time, I’m fiddling with my S3d mods. πŸ˜› (and I get payed for it, hehe)

    (The FreeBSD guys know how to make an OS, try it, you might like it)



    i just passing on an ideas pam.

    i (was) have an ideaof building s3d packages on opensuse build service (, there i can build debian based packages (for debian, xBuntu) and rpm based packages (suse, mandriva, fendora). but because of my lack of knowledge about other distro Package Convention and dependencies naming, i only build s3d packages for suse 10.0-10.2 & SLED 10 (until dec 2007, when i remove all s3d things from my account).

    perhaps you interested building on OBS pam? so we can have a scorched3d repo? πŸ™‚ if you are, i’m gonna send you my spec file, menu icons, etc that comply with SUSE Package Convention (if you need it).
    btw, i think slackware packages not supported yet.



    A repo ? Do u think they love us that much to deserve this ? πŸ˜›
    Anyway, why trouble yourself with such things ? It seems there are enough RPMs out there. Just look at Packman or RPMseek. They all have 41.2 and will have 41.3 in no time. I only did a DEB coz the DL list showed an obsolete version, but found out later that Debian itself provides a recent package. It seems another friendly individual has also taken care of DEBs, so there’s nothing left to do for us. I have to admit that I’m no Linux fan, and wouldn’t touch Suse/Novell (aka Microsoft partners )with pliers. I only know how to make DEBs/Slacks, coz some of the projects, I take part in, want them. I’m going to do BSD, Solaris, and Slackware packages, if someone wants them (no point in wasting time for nothing, huh ? ) and leave the mainstream porting to dedicated Tuxers.

    Why do I have a medal under my nick ?
    I thought my stats were erased, coz I’m a bloody cheater.
    Make up your mind already.
    This is no way to treat old women and dedicated contributors.

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