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    I have received several comments on my posts, all complimentary, so here’s hoping I do not disappoint with this one…

    I would just like to say that I am very impressed with Scorched3D, the game. By “game” I am referring to both the development team and the playing community, as a game cannot be a “game” without either.

    Immense “Congratulations” and “Thanks” go out to the team who created Scorched3D. Without their effort, none of this would even exist, and their continued effort will only make it better. A large chunk of credit and kudos goes to Gavin, the apparent lead developer and clearly the most visible member of the team. I mean, how many other developers spend this much time in their own forums, listening and replying to posts with a happy, healthy, friendly demeanor and still get things done on the game? Another healthy dose goes out to Cambo, the lead tank modeler, who has continuously offered advice and insight on various aspects of the game, especially to those looking to making their own tanks. And please don’t leave out the other members of the team, all contributing in their own, secret, special way.

    From the community, Bobirov takes top honors for his interest in weapons definitions, map creating, and AI improving which led to his creating the Apocolypse Mod, a popular and well-played mod for Scorched3D. Bob has also contributed much to the stats collection and processing field as well as beta testing the CVS versions. Others, such as cbx550f, ShoCkwaVe, and dracon23 have tried their hand at tank modeling, with cbx creating an export tool to make the process easier. Many players have worked on weapons, and far more have contributed suggestions and comments.

    It is this formula that makes a game great. An open-minded development team willing to take suggestions and make changes, as well as work with community memebers loking to add their own things. A responsive, active community who makes educated requests and civil discussions about them, as well as providing informative bug reports.

    The last game I played this much online pretty much died because the Mod team only wanted to do the game they wanted to do, and some in the community created their won Mods. This resulted in a split in the cummunity, not only between the various mods, but also between “players” and “forumers”. The “players” were playing the mod of their choice (“vanilla”, RA, RAv2, DTAS, etc.) with a limited player base and never posting, while the “forumers” spent all their time in the game’s forums, arguing about which mod was better, what a bunch of idiots the developers were, etc., and never playing the game. Last I checked, there were only about 13 people who really played the game. Everyone else involved in the project was either on the development team or spent all their time in the forums.

    This is why I am so happy to see more payers jump on the forums and post on the various topics, particularly in the last few weeks. And it’s not just new people who are saying stuff like “well, the game sucks because of X”. Experienced players like Willis, cbx, Steve, Trumboner, hobbes, and Gooseberry have brought up and discussed topics dealing with things they’ve noticed over the last few months of playing. Nothing carries more weight in my book than a subject brought up by someone who has really experienced the game and prsents their argument intelligently.

    And Gavin, doing who-knows-what in his real life, is taking the time to listen to everyone and offer his own comments and make changes as he deems fit.

    So, thanks guys, every one of you. I’ll be proud to be playing version 137 in 2068.



    @[PDX]Ebonite² wrote:

    From the community, Bobirov takes top honors…

    *wipes tears from eyes*

    I’d just like to thank the Academy, Nexus6 for being so generous with his map contributions, Gavin and crew for creating and maintaining the best game on the planet, and last but not least, my parents for without them I wouldn’t be here on this stage today to accept this prestigous award. Thank you everyone, you have made one man’s dreams come true.

    *walks off stage clutching his newly aquired Scorchy Award*



    Alright I wasnt gonna but I gotta …

    *Takes his Rant Award*

    I well . . have to thank everyone I pushed over to get this far, had to trip along the way, and had to blast with a death head for smite. I also would like to thank Gavin, for without his game I would have nothing to Critic. *starts admiring his award* Ohhhh shinny . . and heavy . . . *cuts himself* wow even sharp edges too .. I like. Thanks all!!!

    *Cracks CBX over the head with award as leaving the stage*

    Thanks for considerin me one of the experienced players.. how we got that mixed up I don’t know but I’m not fixing it 8)

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