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    There is a technical focused interview with the scorched3d developers here:-
    Seems to be mostly a Q and A with me, so perhaps not that interesting, but I will let you decide πŸ™‚

    I would also like to take the opportunity to add my huge thanks to all the people that contribute to scorched 3d.
    Developers :-
    Gavin Camp
    David Beleznay
    Ben Phipps
    Joris Beugnies
    Cameron Smith
    C Thomas

    Contributions :-
    Danny Roth
    Bryan Kostanski
    Maxim Genis
    Edward Rudd
    Leszek Matok
    Dominik Czaplicki
    Tom at lemuria
    Per Øyvind Karlsen
    Darren Creutz
    + others I have forgotten (mail me)



    Interesting Interview….

    So you mean to build floating tanks to take use of the water? That sounds like a kickass idea. But maybe battleships instead of tanks would be better (it wouldn’t go too far away from the idea I think since we already have non-tank machinery we can use)

    Or did you already have this planned and were just using the word “tank”
    as more of a generalized term?



    I agree we really need to start using the water and 3D possibilites to better effect. Or should better effect be any effect? πŸ™‚

    My first priority is to get as many concepts from the original in as possible (which we are pretty close to now) and then add some these new ideas. People can then turn them on/off depending on what type of game they want.



    I think navies would rock. Some work would have to go into balancing their mobility versus what weapons they can use and/or their rate of fire. (i.e. they either move or shoot in a given turn, or they can do both but can’t use weapons above a certain weapon level, or they can do both with all weapons available and whatever movement they use reduces their available shot power accordingly, etc.)

    Maybe you could add aircraft with GPS bombs and cluster munitions (i.e. gravity based weapons in addition to “launched” weapons), along with air-to-air missiles for opposing aircraft. Instead of shields they would use flares, chaff, and ECMs like jammers and such. (Well, maybe give them shields at first until the rest can be coded, unless it is determined that shields work fine and the rest aren’t needed. But what would aircraft do with parachutes, then?) Ground based tanks (including naval units) get new weapons like FLAK, AAA shells, and surface-to-air missiles (radar-guided, infra-red, etc.) If the mathematics aren’t too involved, aircraft could have the added danger of intersecting with weapon arcs from ground forces

    I recall there being some discussion about limiting the type of weapons and defences players could use based on the type of tank they choose. Turrets would get the broadest range of weapons and defences, but would not be able to move, whereas “vehicle” types have some movement and fewer weapons and defences, and helicopters get the most movement and the least available weapons and defences. Mabye you add that and have a “standard” game where all tanks get all weapons and they have to buy fuel for movement, and have a “mobile” game where movement is inversely proportional to weapons as described above.

    New game types could be evolved like “Destroy the Base” where two teams (or more) each get a “base” around which the team’s fighting forces (err, “tanks”) are arrayed and a team is eliminated once either their base is destroyed or all their fighting units (again, “tanks”) are wiped out. “Alien Invasion” where pods drop from the sky during a normal game and players have to defend against them while taking out opponents. Or just have everyone against the aliens in an endurance test.

    Or I could shut up and let you guys make the game you want to. πŸ™„



    Love the ideas, just give me time. Although not this release πŸ˜‰



    Heheh… We’ll just postpone this topic then until v37 is out.

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