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    This is off-topic — but probably of concern & importance to gamers & technology developers alike.

    RIAA & MPAA corporations are attempting to push legislation that will reverse a 1983 decision that protected & allowed home-users & companies to develop & use technologies that can record electronic media.

    By trying to undo the Supreme Court’s “Betamax” decision, entertainment companies are tinkering with the cornerstone of prudent tech law–and they could make iPods, TiVo’s, and publicly beneficial applications of peer-to-peer technology illegal. We can’t let this happen, and to stop it we need to rally as many people as possible.



    I’m pretty sure here in Canada p2p and all downloading of mp3s and software is legal due to the taxes they throw at us on the recordable media. So they can kiss my ass, same goes with your crappy feds and cia. Tell your fascist american goverment to stop trying to control you. it’s pissing me off. Problem is, all the governments are controlled mostly by massive corporate regimes, theres nothing to do about that either. you buy there crap, and they become even more powerful, you step out of line, they make you disappear. all i can say is download as much as you can, steal cheat and rob everything and let them come get you, and when they do, tell them to kiss your fcking ass – and kick those primative cocks eaters in the nuts.



    Goose thats funny…

    Hobbes you really don’t have to worry highly, because if I may be simple minded and rely on but one example:

    The day some group tries to say that the iPod is an illegal product. . is gonna be the same day that group mysteriously disapears from the earth. . . or is bought out. All depending on how NASTY Apple wants to be.




    So are they planning on banning cassette decks that record and photocopiers too?

    The RIAA acts as though this is a “new problem” – remember the days before CDs? I don’t know about you but I had ALOT of tapes that said things like “TDK” on them. IMO that was a worse problem – I didn’t borrow albums from people to record a song or two, I copied the WHOLE thing. The way it is for me, today, is that I download songs here and there, but if I want a whole album, I generally buy it. Case in point: I have the Wild Cherry song “Play that Funky Music” in my mp3 collection, but I sure as hell would never have bought the album for it. I also have alot of Great Big Sea songs in my mp3 collection, but since I really like it, I also own the CDs.

    A major problem with trying to pass such laws is that it makes common practices illegal, which is generally not a good idea. Prohibition is a good example of this, and look how well that worked! 😉

    Hobbes you really don’t have to worry highly,

    That’s very true. Scorched3D is a GPL game, they can’t stop us from downloading it! 😀




    I saw this article on Megagames the other day and I think it totally blows monkey chunks. The media industry must be completely stupid. They’ve already made enemies out of lots of people. This will only make even more people angry at them (the ones that are using media technology legally) and it may backfire on them.


    hoopy frood

    This is the same old crap just a different media. Bottom line is that they dont get taxes and income from people pirating media. Its all about money.
    Here in N. New Jersey we have laws against ticket scalping.It says you cant sell a concert ticket etc. for more than say 5% above face value.

    Thats for only the little guy. Try and buy a ticket through a ticket agent and the skys the limit. They can charge what they want.
    It sucks and it is all about lining the pockets of the Fed. Gov. and big business.

    Now I dont believe in copying for income purposes but if they think Im going to buy a 1970s something Ramones CD for $14.00 to $20.00, there wacked.

    It cost them like what a nickel for the reproduction. So whats the real cost.

    Thats right..there pockets. The artists making these songs dont even get that much.

    Toby keith ticket -face value $58.00
    at a ticket agent – $128.00

    Nailing the little guys pocket?- Priceless

    Thanks for letting me rant.



    It’s even more irritating paying $14-$20 for a cd when the musician’s are dead. Then you know they aren’t getting a dime. Look at bands like teh Doors, Hendrix or Nirvana. A bunch of dead guys and the cd’s aren’t exactley cheap, or new. I own a lot of cd’s that haven’t left the cases in years and have become unplayable for some odd reason and I feel I shouldn’t have to buy them again since I already own them. The RIAA can kiss my…



    Well that’s nothing. Here where I live they are selling the virgin cd’s and dvd’s with the cost of the authors rights on it. Then if you record something in one cd that is you who makes, why paying that right?
    Funny isn’t it?

    (sorry about the spelling 🙂 )

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