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    I did not know that this was even out there! crazy!!



    @Kangabunny wrote:

    I did not know that this was even out there! crazy!!

    Something about that looks ‘EXTREMELY’ familliar.. i believe v39, or v40.. 😀



    No mention of S3D but that’s the engine all right!



    wow, they are going to have to do better than that… thats just a teams game with a new interface, different textures, and naming singleplayer battles ‘missions’.



    Project In Depth
    Artillery Duel was developed using the Scorched Earth open source engine.

    The existing game was completely overhauled to remove the current ‘client / server’ model, providing us with a platform upon which to build the logic and function. All the design and development work was done in our Edinburgh office with the completed game being released to the client in April 2008. The game has been a real success with over 20,000 copies distributed across the UK in the first year.

    Does that count, or are they referencing the original scorched earth?
    Plus dont they have to contact you Gavin for distribution rights?, i mean to even leave out your name… Harsh.

    Shouldnt it read”
    Artillery Duel was developed using the Scorched Earth 3D open source engine.

    This needs to at least be on the page


    The Engine was created by one Gavin Camp
    (original Engine) Socrched 3D [link to scorched3d]


    Laptops Daddy

    cheeky bastards.

    gavin, you should contact the mod directly and usurp the contract. why have the organ grinder when you can speak to the monkey



    Interesting, what has happened here? Is this a legitimate use of S3D where they accidentally forgot to mention where they got it from?

    Or did we just got f-ed in the a by the commercial interest of some lazy company.

    Maybe its a remix.

    Did they ask permission or dont they have to?

    Did they make big money for selling something they do not own?

    I was just wondering what is going on and how this will be handled.



    Since S3d is released open source under the GPL, if they are indeed trying to “resell” your work, I believe Gavin you do have legal recourse If you wish to pursue this, contact the Free Software Foundation, they will know how to proceed.



    Wow what doosh bags. Tryin to be like us and stuff. PFFFFT! GTFO!!! seriously though. burn em!

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