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    Old Mod how to get it to import. I have not played or done much with this in a while. So I recently downloaded the newer version. I tried to import a mod I had made but it says “Import Version = eo Current Version = et” Is there a way to import it or is there an easy way to update it so it will import?



    Update your modinfo.txt info with the latest version and work from there.



    Thanks Armorwraith I got my old mod to work. It was never quite finished the mod I was working on had every weapon just about in it. So when you have them all you have weapon window over top of weapon window. It would be kind of fun to have them all but I doubt you can shrink down windows. If I am not mistaken I was going through and finding the ones I liked and also making my own. Thanks.



    No problem, anymore questions feel free to ask.



    No questions right now. Just wish I could export things From Blender to this. Any way thanks again.

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