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    Been working through the night staring @ web code (which really isn’t interesting to me) as the project needs to be complete by this friday and there’s plenty to do.

    And like a concrete kick to the “*** Sack” my alarm goes off for getting up and I still have at least another 4 hours until I can sleep!

    Have lots of pent up ranting and not been able to vent it at anyone yet, so you guys get my seepage 😈


    Laptops Daddy

    poor peanut. come on now. is that really meant for me? perhaps a back rub and some hot chocolate. i know it’s that time of the month.

    do’ya need help? i dabble in a little web code.



    No it wasn’t but thanks for the offer.
    However, given how long it would take to bring u upto to speed with what we’re doing and the time it would take for you to settle to doing things how they’re being done, any increase in productivity would be nullifed.

    Perhaps you could help with v2.0 due by start of spring term.

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