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    I’m posting this as an official thread for demonic mod discussion.

    1 edited some names and descriptions
    2 doomer AI taken out creating a player weapons only effect.
    3 fixed spelling error
    4 added some toybox stuff
    5 awaiting suggestions and members


    I will edit this with a link for download.

    Edit: it’s uploading as I speak.

    Edit2: here it is



    OVER 50 MB???

    Dude u realize u only need like 1/3 of what u got in that right…

    1/3 might even be stretching it…



    I haven’t gotten to than yet. I want to be sure that I’m not going to use anything else in there before I delete it.



    Ok buddy heres what u can do.

    This may seem like alot of work to do but it really isn’t.

    Restart the mod but keep the old Demonic Mod.

    Then put all the ai, accessories and windows in there.

    Play your mod.

    Then there will be errors.

    This is a good thing however.

    The errors will show you the missing graphics or model or w/e u don’t have.

    Add it in the proper place and then play again.

    Eventually you will have only the files u need.

    This will really help.

    My mod was about 40 megabytes when i had all kinds of stuff i didn’t need.

    It took only about 10 minutes to bring it down to about 10 megabytes.

    Trust me man this will help alot.



    yeah but, I have inductive, best of s3d, and toybox (considering adding weapons from it) and am also looking in various mods for demonic like weapons.

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