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    I’ve been seeing some odd stuff while playing. Some models are shifting their textures as you can see in the picture the monitor should be silverish/gray but instead it is taking the textures of other models.

    Also the white of the turtle shell has gone yellow since installing 42+. Clean install, no upgrade used. While using 41.3 it was still white.

    Finally, has anyone else been having issues while playing offline of turns skipping while playing with multiple (at least 3 on sequential ) human players? I’ve tested this many times and for some reason while using sequential it will skip one player giving him two shots in a row then go back to the player skipped and give them two shots in a row.



    All models need to have a texture, every material needs to have a defined texture file too if you are going to use a uv map. This means each material has to have an underlying image file to support it.

    I had to convert some of my models to make them look right again, mostly I just created a white material and used diffusive and emissive properties to get a solid color.

    Gavin changed a few things in the material/model archetecture i believe.

    hope that helps,


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