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    I was just thinking it would be cool to be able to place objects on the maps that could be moved by en explosion.

    An example: A boulder on top of a hill could be moved by the explosion of a missile beside it, and then it could roll down a hill, squashing anything it its way.

    An extension of this would be to be able to “blow out a chunk of land” that could squash/bury a tank.

    Just a thought. 😉




    making the dirt a managable mass would make roofs and dirt charges a lot more effective.

    and falling dirt effected by wind would spread it at the angle. or mud-sliding a cliff on someone..

    ooh. i’ve always loved Liquid dirt…



    cbx, the idea seems very nice if it has an option to turn it on / off from the server config since it’s a little driven by luck, what if the server generates the map and puts someone in an awkward position, bad luck for him 😉



    sorry utaker but this feature couldn’t be turned off in the sever options because it would be controlled by either a landscape texture or landscape defn file.

    I do like the idea though, it would be like being set near a tank that has shields and is going to blast you.

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