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    @deathbal wrote:

    I just looked, it is a good request. “Packs” could be a
    seperate tab. It’s good to make players more versitile in early rounds.
    Instead of only have 1 or 2 weapons to use. It gives people more
    weapons choices without having to be rich.

    The only dificulty in the idea, is that every weapon you see listed, is called from the accessories list. As of yet, we can’t just write a weapon that is a
    pack of other weapons, unless that’s it’s action when it’s fired.

    If it were done currently, You would have to Buy the “Roller-pack Deluxe”
    weapon. then waste a turn to fire it. Then you would see
    Player 1 has Recieved a Roller(5)
    Player 1 has Recieved a Heavy Roller(2)
    Player 1 has Recieved a Heavy Riot Bomb(5)…

    then they would appear in your inventory



    the answer is simple; create a new tab like fuel, batteries or parachutes.



    Someone please start a new topic please.

    This is way off-topic.

    Thank You!



    in a way it is on topic, the subject wound up being about weapons code, even thought it began on the topic of nukes.

    Some info could be useful for the mods forum though, if you think people would find it helpful?

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