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    Laptops Daddy

    this is an up-to-date list of dependencies and some constructions for fedora:



    ./ –with-mysql
    make -j4
    make install


    running nohup scorched3ds -startserver /usr/local/games/scorched3d/share/data/globalmods/apoc/data/server.xml


    Laptops Daddy

    a followup. i managed to download a couple of mods from thrax’s server. they were old and in s3m format for protocol ‘eo’, i think version 43a, which doesn’t seem to exist. i did a binary hackery thing to extract the files.

    im out of touch with the current releases, but it looks like all textures in ‘none’ are now jpg, which seems to break old mods that link to base install stuff. i did a batch convert bmp -> jpg on scavenger for data/textures/landscape and in case it’s useful

    find ./ -type f -print | grep ‘tex’ | xargs grep -i ‘data/textures/landscape’ | xargs sed -i ‘/landscape/s/bmp/jpg/g’

    to update the tex xml files, which would probably mean more if id had less to drink. i imagine thrax had done similar already, possibly manually, which is probably what this needs to make it clean long term (hope everything is ok in canadia, i heard they had a snow storm).

    anyway, that gives us a slightly healthier mods list for now. seems to work. i dont know why it’s 44BETA. i guess that was the svn trunk.



    AWE is down for the time being. I am completely overhauling its filing system, and weeding out unused or unsuitable files. I am also revamping weapons yet again, as there are new physic possibilities in v44Beta.

    I have not been well for a few weeks, was virally infected by some bad meat we ate at a roadhouse in Florida. Feeling better now.

    I have recent copies of the mods stored on my account here

    All the best,



    Laptops Daddy

    small request to armorwraith. would you mind moving this whole thread to the mods and development forum?

    i need to do some rejigging of my servers. i can’t maintain this one as is just to make the server list look more full. no one is using it, probably due to the beta version i accidentally set up.

    i don’t want to waste the effort in listing some of the commands and dependencies here, so i thought i’d turn the thread into a miniguide of some sort?

    sorry for the trouble, i know you’re pushed for time. mods and dev forum will give me extra buttons to edit and delete bits.

    *edit. thanks. i’ll make the post more pretty and try to add some extra easy instructions for setting up admins and ports at some point. pretty colours, maybe a list of alternative package names for deb.

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