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    I had to choose something when I started Scorching and I was re-reading Dune for the xth time. Always thought Duncan Idaho was a kickass name for a character, but everyone on the web uses it.

    Hayt was the first ghola of Duncan Idaho, made by the Bene Tleilax and trained in mentat skills and Zensunni philosophy.

    While I am not that skilled in Zensunni philosophy and clearly lack any mentat skill, it is fun to know that the AVI I use is from the Spacing Guild, also from Dune, they originally bought the body of Duncan Idaho from the Sardaukars.

    Of course, Judiciary Pag L.I.V.R. would have been a great nick as well, who knows, I might use it 😉


    Metal Slug Mario

    mines is now

    Metal Zonic becase i like metal sonic just a little more than mario and sonic (face it he kick @$$ nuff said)



    Moved to offtopic now



    Very interesting topic. My name comes from my citizen band radio days. My dad was the “Big swede” ….I am Viking62. Viking=Heritage 62=year of birth
    I now use my name on Ham radio (When I get on there-Scorched & AE keeps me occupied). Oh….One day I asked if I could just use Viking during a game
    and the players said why not? I think that was Mandy,BD, & BB. Forgive/correct me if I left someone out.

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