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    well.. apollo.. I understand if you were trying for a humor rout but.. that dosnt really tell us how or why you decided to use that name 🙄



    Hey, we haven’t heard from Gavin on his “Scara” screen name yet.



    Obviously there are names with deep or profound meaning that have been given alot of thought.

    Well……..mine just came into my head as I was playing the computer version. I liked how it reminded me of the old machine guns. Sorry,i’m no biker lol.

    After a few weeks of goofing around with it (and I was REAL bad) I got up my nerve and went online (it was version 37. something). I have to say that I have had more fun learning and dying with all of you. 99.9 % have been great friendly people which is much better than real world.

    And now ….its back to the server for CHOPAMATIC ! 😆


    A Moogle

    Well, to anyone who has played FF games enough, it should be obvious. 😛

    But for those not fortunate enough 😯 , moogles are little furry creatures from FF. I use the name ‘A Moogle’ because (to me) moogles are cool – they have the ability to use attack magic 😈 , and can (somewhat) fly, although when they do get up in the air, they don’t look like they will stay up – due to their (very) small wings.



    @RabidEboDeathSlug wrote:

    RabidPenguin – one of those “huh?” names that cause people to stop and think. That, and DisgruntledPenguin wouldn’t fit. Created to honor cbx’s penguin tank. Yes, I like mind games and making people stop and go, “WTF?!?”

    Well, if nobody else did, I got a helluva laugh out of this one. 😉

    I’ll refrain from making comments on this in that in your spiel there, Ebo, but it was quite interesting.

    When I first got online to play Scorched – I pondered what to pick for a name for quite a while (likely a full minute). I hadn’t been playing any games online much at the time, so I thought back to some historic names I have used. The most prominant one was the one I used in Crimson Skies, which came from the name I had picked a year or two previous for a hotmail address. When I was picking the hotmail address, even back in ’99, it was hard to find something without adding 767 or something at the end, and I settled on “ride_cbx550f”. When I went to play Crimson Skies online, cbx550f was taken, so I chose the full ride_cbx550f. I became known there as “Ride”, and it went on to become “RD_Ride, and ALI_Ride”. (“ALI” was a team I started, “The Alliance of Lessor Intellects” ;))

    Anyhoo, when I started in Scorched, I thought about using “Ride”, but at the last moment typed in cbx550f instead.

    PS: Good to know you’re still with us, Steve.




    Boy: child, youngster, lad ROFL

    Get ready for mind blowing thoughts…………

    Boy is 3 letters and fits in any name slot at arcades, nintendo game scores, and other PC games high scores, Who the heck knows who all those dumb initials belong to. Unless your name is Tim or Tom or Bob, or something, but there are way too many of those so how do people know who you are? Suprisingly “boy” is almost completely unused!
    I like to think that in your subconscious some of you are a bit irratated at having been killed by a harmless “boy”. Its ok, really i am a killer cyborg.

    you may have noticed that i have other aliases, the versions of myself are due to my adaptive programming. As I improve my programming, I update as a new version. But i also revert to other programs that have influenced me in the past such as Locutus, The Force, or generic cyborg which is basically my bare programming.

    sometimes i “randomly” change my name to “me too” when i am dead



    Irishbandit, some may say that it is because i am of irish descent and they would be partly right. The other reason i choose this nick is that i used to chat in a “security” chat room on undernet. There was a “security” girl there with the name irishrose. I liked that and she was fun and from ireland, sadly the chat room disbanded and we lost contact. 😥 So for old times sake i chose irisbandit to remind me of funner simpler times. Ahh those where the days i wish i could be 16 all over again 🙂



    edit for privacy 😉



    *censorship* 😉



    Rekindeling this old topic, Would like to here from some new scorched players. 😆



    Me and my friends would play Scorch 2D all the time. I don’t remember who played the Wooden Badger. Probably a bot name. My friend and me thought Heavy prefix would make it more scorchified.

    As for the Wooden Badger, watch Monty Pytons Holy Grail. That movie brings alot of memories of high school friends and after H.S. that I don’t talk to at all or very little. 🙁 “You make me sad.” King Author, Holy Grail

    Mandy asked me once what a Badger is. I replied “It is a rodent.” I don’t think a badger is a rodent. More a mammal……”1. any of various burrowing carnivorous mammal……3. Australian a. s wombat. b. bandicoot…..”Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary Copyright 1994 by dilithium Press, Ltd.



    On some web forum, lost in the misty murkishness of the mid-late 1990’s, I wanted to post a reply to some nutbar, about what, I forget.

    I first tried my real name. Taken. Real name plus last initial. Taken. (Why didn’t I look this guy up?) I tried a few others but they were all taken.

    Finally I decided that _nobody_ online, in their right mind, would declare thenselves to be a poke their nose into everything sort of a busybody, so I tried busybody.

    TAKEN! AAAAAAGUHHHHGGGUH! In frustration I tried bizzybody and it wasn’t taken.

    So far I’ve only run into a couple of other forums on the web where bizzybody has already been taken. 😉

    I do have a backup /nick mostly for IRC for when I get dumped off by a netsplit.

    It’s KVUGNG and when using that one I turn into “K’vu Gung! The Space Viking” 😈 A million bonus points to the first person who posts where the series of letters KVUGNG was used in the real world. 😉

    Hint: It has a connection to the word Viking.

    P.S. My avatar on here is a clip of part of the original cover art for H. Beam Piper’s “Space Viking”, which has absolutely nothing to do with KVUGNG.



    For those that play the Warhammer series of games (both PC and Table top) there is an addition to the 40K line

    Year M41-326

    On the planet of Necromunda, great hive cities, self-contained fortresses the size of mountains rise up kilometres into the sky, their lower regions extending nearly as far into the planets crust. The rest of the planet is barren, radiocative ash-wasteland, where not even desert plants can grow. Therefore, the vast majority of the natives live inside the hive cities. The smallest hive city, Infernus Hive, holds just under a billion souls, the greatest, Primus Hive, holds nearly three times that.

    Our story takes place in the lower regions of Primus Hive, where life is not easy. The people live in shanty towns, and in fear. Vicious gangs roam the streets, acidic waste that occasionally showers regions like rain can eat through a mans chest in seconds, the corrupt conditions and closed genepool has created vicious and hideous mutants. The people live under the armoured heel of the Adeptus Arbites, the Arbites for short, who act as law enforcement with shotguns, plate armour and electrified maces for bringing in wanted criminals.

    But that is just the start of the peoples problems. There are Spyrer incursions, hunting parties from the nobles who live in the upper regions of the Hive, using their technology to prove their worth to their familied by killing as many gangers, mutants or other suitable opponents as they can before they must return.

    Spyrers are noble born hunters that engage in trophy taking (think Predator Films) and being a third party in two party conflicts, the wrench in the works so to speak. They watch and learn, adapt and improve, hunt and avenge



    Well i’m not exatcly a “new player” but i just found this post so i’ll put in my story. SPECTRUM came from a Bible quiz team by the same name that i was on 2 years ago now; i was pround of myself for getting on our leagues best team & also we placed first in our regional tourny, & then 18th at Nationals.
    B4 i used Spectrum i also used Eastman, which is what my last name (Oestman) means in German i think, so don’t hold me to that. My avitar really dosen’t have a lot to don with either names it’s just a cool pic of a nebula called: the EYE of GOD i got from a friend, so that’s it 4 me 😛



    It amuses me to bring this thread back to the top of the list…

    My nick comes from a Jr. Highschool Earth Sciences test. I had been doing exceptionally well in the class to the point that I was all smart-alecky and annoying the teacher. He was turning it back on me and attempting to embarass me by making my every minor mistake known to the class.

    In this quiz in particular, there was an extra credit question related to an earlier discussion… “What is the raw ore of mercury?”… I answered (almost correctly), “Cinnibar”. It’s actually spelled “Cinnabar”, and the teacher ripped me in front of the class for getting everything right except that. I got into a big debate with him insisting that it was an accepted alternate spelling…

    Well, with the classmates, the nickname stuck. That was… nearly 20 years ago.

    For whatever reason, regardless of where I play, it seems that people like to refer to me as “Cinnibunz” or “Bunz” for short. It’s less an insult than a friendly nick-mangling. I’ll occasionally throw humorous versions of my name as well… “Original Cin”, or “NutmegPub”, or whatever.

    It drives me nuts slightly when people mistype my handle “Cinnabar”, BTW. I constantly feel the need to correct them… I still obsess on that stupid five minutes of my life, eh?

    Those that spend non-trivial amounts of time with any search engine can find lots of information about me on the web through my nickname.

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