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    Thought this would be a fun topic, I see so many cool Nicknames out there and wonder about there origins and and how everyone thinks them up.

    For example:

    Wowbagger is an Alien in Douglas Adams Hitchhikers guide to the universe series. He is immortal but wasnt born an immortal and has a very hard time coping with it. He had his immortality thrust thrust upon him by an unfortunate accident with an irration particle accelerator, A liquid lunch and a pair of rubber bands. The precise details of the accident were not important because no one has ever managed to duplicate the exact circumstances under which it happened, and many people have ended up looking very silly, dead or both trying. (I know this as going on way too long). So he came up with a plan that would drive him on forever, it was to insullt everyone in the universe personnally one by one and to top it off…. in alphabetical order.




    Willis was givin to me by my sister. Spefic time of origin unknown but it was many many years ago, around 1997-8 I’d assume. It was derrived from the taunt I hear time to time “watcha talkin about willis”. At first I never liked it but, when I started my internet life my first alias was Willis, when evolved into Will5639 when I ran into locations that the name Willis was already taken. But as you can see I still use it, I have others but this still is “me”. Its almost become an alter-ego in real life. 👿



    First year of college (1993), I still really loved Calvin’s Hobbes as the pragmatic sidekick so …

      hobbes = me

    This is the alias my wife knew me as when we met online in Jan. 1994.

    Also, this alias replaced my high school alias of Toonsinator 😈 from Saturday Night Live.



    Came up with mine around 98-99 when Alpha Centauri came out. In most games, I usually just make my name Bob. But in Alpha Centauri, one of the 7 faction leaders, who I used most of the time, was named Provost Zhakarov. So instead of calling myself just plain Bob I would always be Professor Bobirov. And as time has gone by, the name has grown on me and I now use it everywhere pretty much as I rarely come across cases where people have already claimed the name.. 😉



    Think mine is self explanitory… Todd McFarlane’s Spawn character is the origin.

    Since taking the name tho, I’ve explanded the scope of it. Since there are more than just one Hellspawn, my version is now much different than McFarlane’s.



    Well. Sometimes I wish I’d been more… Original. It’s sort of like naming an OS “Windows”. And it does create the irritating problem that sometimes there are already someone who’s taken it.
    But anyway. First iteration of my nick on various occasions was “Fish”. Simple reason being that swimming is the only real life sport I really, actually like. After a while I thought I’d kick that up a notch. Make it a bit cooler. So it was Shark.
    In a more advanced game like Terminus, I’d call my different (space)ships names with “Fish”, “Whale” and “Shark” in them, depending on armament, speed and looks. This actually worked very well as a naming scheme. I could have names like “Goldfish”, “Blue Whale” and “White Shark” and they’d make absolute sense when parred with a particular ship.
    In actual fact, I rarely call myself Shark anymore, though. It’s usually just “PRaabjerg”, an abbreviation of my name “Palle Raabjerg”. Sort of like a silent protest against unnecessary anonymity on the web.
    But in a game like this, I still keep the name “Shark” if it’s not taken already, which it didn’t seem to be 🙂



    Heh, there is actually a few people out there that already know the origin of my name, but I’ll share with the rest of the class.

    Back in May of this year, my brother-in-law turned me on the Scorched3d. I played the old 2d version a very long time ago (yeah, who hasn’t said THAT around here). Anyway, I simply typed in the player name as my real name.

    After a day or so of goofing with it, I decided to give it a whirl online. I immediately started playing on the Apoc server. If I remember right (and forgive me Bobirov if I get a date or 2 wrong) it was about that time that Bob was starting to fire up the “stats” for the mod. Anyway, he was wanting people NOT to just use their names, as it caused problems for his database. So being a smart aleck, I put in “NotSteve” as a joke. 🙄 It got some laughs.

    Remember, this was the early part of my playing days, so I couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn and I was getting killed constantly! ( I can hit the boradside of the barn with the bigger stuff now, but I’m still getting killed) On some offbeat joke, I changed my name to “NoMoreSteve”

    It was quite funny, because all of the sudden, there was a small clan of people adding “NoMore” to the front of their names. So once again being the preverbal smart aleck, I changed to “TheOriginalNoMore”. That way, everyone knew who started it.

    Now if I can only put more thought into the rest of my life, things would be golden. 😉



    Hi all!

    Well, there’s some interesting stories being told… I just love where people get their nicks from. I often wonder if they’re from some far off land, but usually they either end up from Poland, USA or Canada… 😉

    Anyway, Poolee came about behind my back… I used to work for a computer company that assembled their own crap computers – they were the biggest in New Zealand, but by no means the best. When I started working there, a few other newbs started too. We all worked in the PC Servicing area, and we were a close bunch who used to get drunk and eat curries together virtually every Friday night…

    There was Steve, who became Stevey. Chris who became Chrissy and Ian who became Eeny… you get the idea… so Paul became Pauly.

    Anyway, one of the sales team guys was a good mate and used to email another friend at another branch, discussing the goods and bads about my Olden Golden Holden (1974 Metallic Gold HQ Holden). Aussies and other kiwis will recognise the car. But somehow, Pauly got transmutated into Poolee. To this day, even my mate doesn’t know how – it just happened, he explains with a shrug…

    Took me a a year to get used to it, as initially I thought it was derogatory, but later recognised it as one of those affectionate names.

    Very few people use it, so that makes it a great nick in my eyes. On Scorched, I’ve only had one query if I was ‘that’ Poolee. After I cleared up that it was unlikely as I don’t live in Poland, USA or Canada, the querier accepted that I was in fact a different Poolee, surprised as he was.

    Wonder what conversations I could have got away with I’d kept schtum? 😀



    Bibolatepoin –> inverse = Bobby la pointe

    A famous artist (very very kitsh now) in France in 70 years 😆



    Started using mine in about 2000 after a got my first good computer (566Mhz beast, lol, and sadly I’m still using it) and since I was gonna be online for the first time in a few years I needed to come up with an SN. It took me like 5 minutes to come up with this one. Don’t ask how I got it because I dunno. It wasn’t a reference to anything. It just came out of the blue and I still use it until this day.

    As for my other SN, SmartSped, I came up with this one a couple of years ago. My cousin, brother, and I used to call each other speds and since it isn’t a very well known term I started using it for my screen name. For those who don’t know the term sped is short for SPecial EDucation. So when I incorperated it into a screen name I added the word Smart as a kind of neat contrastment to it.



    OK, everyone get comfortable, because this will take a while. My name is “old” in that I developed it nine years ago and has a “storied” history. My first experience with Japanese anime was a few episodes of the original Dragonball, probably in the spring of 1995 (northern hemisphere). I didn’t know it was Japanese at the time, but did find it entertaining, if a bit campy. I was working for the US Postal Service as a “casual” (temporary employee) on graveyard with a 10:30pm to 5:00am shift. Living with my dad at the time (19 years old), who also worked for the Post Office, on dayshift, he let me borrow his car for transportation. Since I was getting home about twenty minutes after five and he would get up at 5:30 to get ready for work, I couldn’t go to bed becuase of the commotion (light sleeper), so I’d surf the TV (this was before I had my own computer and discovered the internet).

    In the fall of 1995, local channel 12, an independent station later to become/join UPN, started airing episodes of Sailor Moon at 6:00am. I caught it at episode 18 (a Thursday) and started watching regularly at episode 20. Within 8 episodes, I was in love with it. I’m still not exactly sure why, probably the depth of the story and liberal dose of humor, plus the uniqueness from standard American cartoons. Being an insecure person, I used to imagine myself as a character in various shows, contributing to, but not changing, the overall plot. Naturally, I did this with Sailor Moon. The character I eventually fleshed out was Ebonite, a former General of the dark forces that defected to the side of good 1,000 years ago and was reborn in the present to protect the reborn princess of the lost kingdom.

    Why “Ebonite”? The dark forces were named as minerals in the old Imperial naming system, like Jadeite, Malachite, and Beryl. Black being my color of choice (still is, actually), I wanted a mineral class name in a similar vein (pun intended) with a “black” or “dark” connotation. I knew ebony was a quasi-mineral name, but it wasn’t in the “-ite” class I was looking for. I also didn’t want to just “make up” a name. Fortunately, my dad’s second computer had Word Perfect 6.0 on it, which had a dictionary and thesaurus included and had a word search program. I simply input “eb -ite” indicating a word starting with “eb” and ending with “ite”. The first result was “ebonite”. Bingo!

    When I got my own computer and internet access to go with it a year later, that was the name I used online, first in Unreal, then in SiN, SiNCTF, and Wages of SiN. Back in ’96-’97, the name was unheard of, and I was asked continuously about it. I started writing a story to further explain the character, and pay tribute to Sailor Moon. Never finished it, but it still rus through my mind.

    Unreal Tournament came out, and I got heavily involved in a mod called Infiltration. Joined a clan called [PDX] based in my hometown where I became [PDX]Ebonite. We drew our share of detractors, who proceeded to copy our names and f*ck up the gameplay for others. We got complaints, so the clan instituted ASCII charaters into our names to render name imitation tougher for others. The Milwaukie branch of [PDX] (zip codes 97222, 97267, and 97268) simply added the ² to our names becuase the player tracker we were using got confused by many symbols in the name itself and recording our stats as others. Thus I became [PDX]Ebonite², which many older forumers recall was my original forum name.

    [PDX] has since died, so now I’m just Ebonite again. Many people, in all the games I play and forums I hit, just call me Ebo for short, although the correct pronuciation is . In fact, a lot of people in real life call me Ebo, too, since I still hang with the former [PDX] members and work with a few. Others just fall in with it, since they always see me being called by it and answering to it.

    Ebon Knight – the correct pronunciation of Ebonite in easy-to-read form. A synonym for “Black Knight”, kind of how I see the Ebonite character in my fanfiction.

    Death – simply a name that fits the Grim Reaper tank in the Humor section. A generic enough name that it afforded me a good level of anonymity when Ebonite was getting targeted by six of eight players at the start of a map (and I wasn’t shooting at myself). Now everyone knows it’s me, so I include it in my “known aliases”.

    PastyWhiteGuy – my skin color is well-known and the butt of many jokes. In the words of my African-American roommate, “ make white people look black.”

    HowlingSlug – (and how many people are wondering about this one?) This one goes back to my Infiltration days. Being a mod for UT, Infiltration used the standard death messages up until version 2.86, when they made it so only those killed saw the message, to liimit intellience on enemy numbers left alive (realism based mod). As such, you’d see the eventual

    [PDX]Nickoloff was killed by [SOB]slIm’s M67.
    -(GAT)-Blade was killed by {nMp}soyo’s PSG-1.
    [PBC]^”^ was killed by [PDX]Ebonite²’s M16A2.

    in the message screen as various members of the two teems were killed off. On slow days, players would change their names to reflect their current playing state, so you’d have people like “I STINK” and “can’t hit a barn” running around, occsionally killing someone, so the death message would come up like

    )GHOST(MonDo_GuY was killed by a blind man’s Ka-Bar.

    On several occasions, there would be ad hoc contests to come up with the funniest “killed by” name. The majority of my attempt revolved around animals doing things not ever associated with them, like “DancingElephant” and “PurringCow”. My best submission was “HowlingSlug” since it was unusual, and gave most people brain-lock trying to wrap their conscious thinking around the concept of a howling slug. That name became my alternate “anonymous player” name in Infiltration. It also serves as my secondary name if Ebonite is already taken, a more common occurance lately.

    RabidPenguin – one of those “huh?” names that cause people to stop and think. That, and DisgruntledPenguin wouldn’t fit. Created to honor cbx’s penguin tank. Yes, I like mind games and making people stop and go, “WTF?!?”

    P.S. The sum total of my Ebonite fanfic is located here.



    You know, Ebonite, I always had a hunch that Tuxedo Mask was gay.



    @deathstryker wrote:

    You know, Ebonite, I always had a hunch that Tuxedo Mask was gay.

    He is not!! 🙄
    A few years ago, Sailor Moon was sacred to me, and my roommate of the time kept trying to link me to the hentai and telling me that Tuxedo Mask was doing ALL the scouts. His name was Bretai, from Robotech, and found out he had been misspelling the name for six years (Breeti). 😛



    Well Ive went through multiple screen names in my gaming career, and until I stumbled upon this one I had no real meaning behind them all, which is perphaps the inevitable reason why I kept changing them.

    Saddistic Fungus occoured to me one day when I was cleaning my car for the first time in a year and a half, and it jusr so happened that I had mold under my floormats. When I saw it I was like “Goddamn this Saddistic Fungus!!!!”. Of course, it never really occoured to me to use it as a screen name tell like 2 weeks later when I just used it and totally forgot why lol.

    Yes a boring story I know…


    Apollo Tangent

    A·pol·lo ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-pl)
    1. Greek Mythology. The god of prophecy, music, medicine, and poetry, sometimes identified with the sun.

    2. apollopl. apol·los A young man of great physical beauty.

    ^^^^ maybe 20 years ago! LOL^^^^Although, I am Pretty Buff for my age. 😆

    tan·gent ( P ) Pronunciation Key (tnjnt)
    Making contact at a single point or along a line; touching but not intersecting.

    1. A line, curve, or surface meeting another line, curve, or surface at a common point and sharing a common tangent line or tangent plane at that point.

    2. Abbr. tan Mathematics. The trigonometric function of an acute angle in a right triangle that is the ratio of the length of the side opposite the angle to the length of the side adjacent to the angle.

    3. A sudden digression or change of course[/b]: went off on a tangent during the courtroom argument.

    4. Music. An upright pin in a keyboard instrument, especially in a clavichord, that rises to sound a string when a key is depressed and stops the string at a preset length to set the pitch.

    [Latin (lnea) tangns, tangent-, touching (line), present participle of tangere, to touch. See tag- in Indo-European Roots.]

    Thesaurus; Tangent

    3 entries found for tangent.
    Entry: aside
    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: comment
    Synonyms: departure, digression
    , discursion, interpolation, interposition, parenthesis, tangent, throw-away
    Source: Roget’s New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.1.1)
    Copyright © 2004 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC. All rights reserved.

    Entry: grade
    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: slope
    Synonyms: acclivity, ascent, bank, cant, climb, declivity, descent, downgrade, elevation, embankment, gradient, height, hill, inclination, incline, inclined plane, lean, leaning, level, obliquity, pitch, plane, ramp, rise, slant, tangent, tilt, upgrade
    Source: Roget’s New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.1.1)
    Copyright © 2004 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC. All rights reserved.

    Entry: tack
    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: course
    Synonyms: aim, alteration, approach, bearing, bend, deflection, deviation, digression, direction, double, echelon, heading, line, method, movement, oblique course, path, plan, procedure, set, shift, siding, sidling, sweep, swerve, switch, tactic, tangent, turn, variation, way, yaw, zigzag

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