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    I been thinking about the new mods and long list of weapons. Now while I’m all for more weapons in Scorched 3D, there are starting to be longer and longer list of weapons.

    We need a sub-tabs in the weapons tab to sort weapons.

    [Weapons] [Items] [Sell]
    [Missles] [BioWeapons] [Dirt] [Burn’em] [Other]

    While I don’t have a clue how to put this in to action, it would add another tag to weapons .xml file a Missles possibly.

    For the Weapons Idea I was using the shockmod and after seeing the ice weapon thought it would be cool(no pun) if a tank could be frozen. This would make it so you couldn’t shoot unless you had some anti-freeze(no pun again) or maybe a fire based weapon could unfreeze you to. It would make it harder, not impossibe, to kill you because you would froze in a block of ice. Now this would add a new item (anti-freeze), which would be like using fuel(it counts as your turn). We could make different levels of the weapon which take more anti-freeze to thaw you out.

    Thoughts, suggestions, comments.



    I always thought it would be cool to have a jammer, or confusion missile that fucks up the players controls super bad. That way if they had a shield and u didnt, u could confuse there controls and take em down! Confusion not as in there shot is altered (well maybe, depends, random numbers of how the shot could get mixed up), but mostly messes up the control, everythin is spelt backwards and the weapons arnt the weapons u actually wanted or had, and ur radar is a smiley face.. parachutes dont work. That inda thing



    Speaking on the idea of a jammer… What do you guys think of a missile type that launches up into the air and jams a missiles systems if it comes into a certain proximity of it(fairly large, but not unrealistic), and causes it to plummet to the earth or take a wildly random projectile course?

    Of course, this would only work against rocket/missile type weapons, and not weapons that gained their propulsion from the tank itself.


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