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    When everything seems to be negative in the forums, you can always look forward to a new video to make you forget the BS for a few minutes!!

    Please give this one a listen, the music was made by our own

    Song Tenderline
    Artist Sadistic Fungus
    Size 62mb.
    length 2 minutes and 41 seconds
    Resolution 800×600

    if you like the music, leave a comment and let him know!!! 😉

    I am curious how many people are actually watching the videos I make, I see 2 comments only, if nobody is watching them I dont see a reason to continue making them, while filming it is hard to play and line up a good video shot in the time alloted, so if nobody cares to see the videos I might as well get back to concentrating on killing, instead of filming!!!
    if you do watch them, just leave a comment every once in awhile so I know, tell me if it sucks, or if you like it….
    I do put alot of time and effort into this and I am starting to feel like it is not worth it anymore!!!
    I also thought that Sadistics music was pretty cool, but not even 1 comment here saying so!!!!

    if the files are too big, let me know, I have really tried to reduce the file size for easier download, I can also make a lower res version if needed.
    but it isnt worth my time if nobody even cares to look at them!!!

    I am paying 10 dollars a month just for a place to host them so you all can see them, not to mention the time it takes to film, edit and upload the video, so if nobody even cares to see them or atleast leave a comment then I will not continue this anymore!!!!



    Downloading – looking forward to it.

    Thanks guys!



    can’t wait to see what we have instore in another video by our favorite director.



    Thank u cbx and jdog!!


    Saddistic Fungus

    Hey wolf man, Sondra made a comment that the video was very good when i was playing yesterday. I dunno maybe enuff ppl dont check the forums or something



    Mr Wolf…. you make awesome vids… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t stop!

    Poolee 😀

    PS BTW, haven’t downloaded this yet, as we are on 128kb, and my surfs a lot and complains how slow it is, so I have to d/load when she’s busy doing non-surf stuff… 🙂



    @direwolf wrote:

    I am paying 10 dollars a month just for a place to host them so you all can see them, not to mention the time it takes to film, edit and upload the video, so if nobody even cares to see them or atleast leave a comment then I will not continue this anymore!!!!

    There are free sites where you host stuff too…




    mmmmmmmmmmmm next time how about a shot of me killing someone?
    That was one of my better games.
    It was a nice shot of me being double funkied…



    I did not vote because I dont want you to feel as though you need to do it for those that are wathing, as you mentioned you want people to watch so wether i want you to stop or not is irrelivant to how many people really are watching 😉 (that sounded retarted)

    having said that, i have not watched any yet, I did however dl one of them while at work… since i use WM player 9 due to a hickup with the streaming audio for WM 10, it requred a codec to play it. was not immediatly able to play it. So I am working on it 😀 I was able only to listen to the song… .which was cool 😀 I only dl at all since I heard raves from those that did watch… YOU NEED ADVERTISING!

    I would definilty do someting to reduce the file sizes however, they are pretty big, I am total noob in the video department as well, I would guess, that for dl purposes that you would want to make the bit rate a bit lower, when i send videos in my email to my father in law (using free microsoft movie maker) i use the option of recording at bit rate of around 300 kbs. my 1 minute video clips of my daughter take up about 1 megabyte when MSN downloads the final product (best quality runs 14MB per minute raw video when storing on my comp)

    as busy as some are, it would be good to be able to download the file in the 5 minute range – should be doable for a 3 minute song, 10 minutes max for a long song (using about 1000 Kbs dl speed)




    There is a lot of negativity in the boards these days.



    I’ve watched every video so far and have enjoyed them. Nice to see some good game footage since I don’t get a chance to play much anymore. I wouldn’t mind seeing more videos, but if you are tired of going through all the effort it takes to make them or something then I’m not going to try to force you to make anymore or anything. I really have enjoyed the videos thus far, and I think they have improved along the way. My only regret is that I haven’t seen any Apoc footage.. 🙄

    Oh, and I thought the song by Saddistic Fungus in the last video was pretty good. Not exactly my style of music, but it wasn’t bad at all.



    Sorry if I sounded like a whiner!
    I see so much negativity in the forums lately and it is very dissapointing!
    people are so quick to add onto the madness with more negative posts,
    then I look and I dont see but 2 posts here!!! something positive, I thought bringing in another persons music who is a part of our little community would be interesting, and I hoped that people might give us a little support.
    to me Sadistics song was Great, I had hoped to see some posts telling him so, maybe I over reacted I am sorry if I did, “I do that from time to time” 😳
    Thanx for your support.

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