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    For Those About To Rock

    Sorry about the size on this one, couldnt be helped!!!
    But I think it is worth the download the time, and thats all that matters 😉

    The first download is a DivX codec, for those of you who might need it.

    Here is the video at a whopping 143 mb’s, 😐

    Here are the files I use to make my screen look like it does, it is very easy to do, if you like it, try making something of your own, the more ideas people come up with the better this game gets!!!!



    Awsome video Direwolf! 😀
    And I didn’t die in this one! 😉

    Nice use of music to accent some massive explosions and deaths.



    Hey there Dire!

    Another cool vid! Some great coreography going on there!! Well done and cheers!




    very very cool!!! VERY!

    nice with the coming soon part! and thanks for including the codec too, that was good.

    Great work!



    Honestly, it’s hard to see how you could improve on your previous vids a whole bunch, but you seem to have done it!

    Well done – best yet. 🙂




    Thanks for your kind words, it is good to have feedback!!!
    it is very encouraging.

    when I play I am ALWAYS filming, if you notice there is alot of video of me killing other people, the reason for this is because I know when I am going to use a big weapon or make a good shot, not because I have an ego, I am only a decent S3D player and am cool with that fact, so if you want to see less shots of the Wolf slapping a funky in yo face!!!! just give me a vague warning of the impending doom and I will ablige by trying to capture the kills!

    dont get me wrong, I love seeing me kill you all on video, it is great, but this is for everyone, not just my enjoyment, the reason I started doing this is because I want to learn editing, I want to become great at it, but untill I get a video camera this is the only video I really have to work with, I do work with pictures also but video is soo much better.
    this does not mean I want everyone to kill me and say “Film That Dire”
    lol, I’m just saying if you think your going to slaughter the masses, or make a very skilled shot, let me know!!!!




    Not to be corny or anything, but that video well, rocked.. 😛

    Tons of good footage in that one, well done. The ending sequence was especially intense. I enjoyed it.

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