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    This video is just a tad bit rough edged, I lost my hard drive the other day, well….
    I didnt lose it, I know where it is, it just doesnt work anymore, ANYWAY!!!
    so I am having to reinstall everything and then get the settings back to where I had them before, so this is more of a test.
    My brother passed away a few years ago, he was 29 when he died, his birthday just passed and I thought I would use a song from the band he used to be in, if you like in your face garage band music then I would suggest u give this one a listen, My brothers name was Dutton Cratty, we didnt grow up together or even know each other till we were adults, the short time I got to spend with him I will never forget, we got to jam together on a few occasions and kill each other playing video games, I know if he was alive he would be a scorched addict like me, so…. heres the song, enjoy.
    My brother is on the drums.



    That’s sad man. 🙁 I couldn’t possibly know what it’s like to lose a brother but if the war in Iraq keeps going the way it is, I just might. Hope it doesn’t come to that though. I feel for you.


    Crispy Critter

    Sorry about your brother… but, IMHO, the video is a fitting tribute – the music fits quite well…

    BTW, how are you filming your videos? Camcorder pointed at the screen, or some sort of capture utility? The videos I’ve seen are way cool…


    Apollo Tangent

    Sorry to hear about the HD crash.

    Soupie if you need anything let me know mmm k?




    Death, I wish your bro the best, if you are able to contact him, you should send him some words, I am sure he would love to here from ya!!!

    Critter, I use a program called FRAPS to record the game footage, if you google it, you will find a free version!!!

    and Apollo, thanx, I just need to figure out how to get my rank back, I saved a copy of my S3D on cd?
    actually, I dont care about the rank, I just want to keep my lil ribbon even though it isnt as cool as yours!!! 8)



    I’m sorry to hear about your brother…

    But the video was a great tribute to him and the music was great sound track. I got a great laugh at the replay part of my shot.

    You can tell by the long 30second blank spot at the end you had a some trouble but other then that.


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