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    A new vid to get things back to normal after SomeGuy BANNED us all for being bad bad children 😯 😉

    Peter Gabriel – Digging in the dirt



    Some verry nice roofage in there DW, and you got me in on more that one occation! VVVVVV Nice work.



    Excellent work Dire!
    BTW a long time ago I would say bout a year or so ago you and me were playing in the shockmod server and you were filming me getting owned by you :D.

    I was wondering if I ever did get in it.

    It has been a very long time and I have never been able to find it yet.



    Yeah, thank god that we were unbanned. Very good video DW. You make even the slower songs very enjoyable. I really like the scene with all the rectangles. I have not seen you in game DW but I know you are still playing and filming great stuff. I also amazed how many roof shots you have. :O



    lol sweet nice one

    OMG what a willis by hobbes
    did you no know that dire is the master at roofage



    Thanx guys, My computer has been running 247 pretty much for the last 2 and a half years, I shut it down to change my cd drive! now it wont do crap, I am hoping it is just the power supply, either way, untill I can fix it, I will be on a crappy laptop. CMON PAYDAY!!!

    I think Hobbes missed on purpose, I have seen him do this b4, I think he just cant stand the thought of ending the game untill he has used all of his arsenal! 😆

    May the ROOF be with you!


    Crispy Critter

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