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    hoopy frood

    Just saw last night that theres a server running Scorched 3d 38(ba).
    This is beta testing? Any idea when new version will hit the populous?

    Any thoughts?




    Err, so there is. Nothing to do with us I am afraid. Must be an unofficial server.

    38 is progressing well, most of the engine work is complete. So some more graphics, pollishing and then testing and it will be released.



    gcamp, first of all, I love the game and what you are doing with it! Secondly, what is being changed about the game engine and how will that affect the gameplay/graphics/etc.? Right now I am hoping sometime soon the gaphics improve, not saying they are bad, but i like when i make my video card work for its fps. Right now I play the game on the highest settings at 1600×1200 @32bit with all the features turned up high. I get over 60 fps in every situation. Then again, I am running a 6800 ultra 256mb. Regardless, hope you can make my card suffer some more in the future :). Besides that great game and I cant wait for the new version, you rock.


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