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    So do I uninstall 37.2 first? Simple question I know, but even watches stop on my wrist..:)



    Yes, uninstall 37.2 first.

    I hate the rich and the poor equally… 😉

    Seriously though, No, why should feelings suddenly become a crime?




    cheers poolee, I can now proceede with confidence!

    Feelings a crime?interesting putting it like that. I was mulling the idea over of race hate, sexual hate etc were hate ofetn becomes prejudice, like say in treatment by others; then considered how rich and poor are treated. Often the quite obviously poor get a rough ride. We don’t stand for this any longer when its race and sex, quite rightly, but we do seem to stand for it when poor are ill treated…anyway enought of my waffle 😕


    M. O.

    I hate ALL People the Same. 😯




    poor word choice (no pun intended)

    This word is much too vague. Not be an ass, but on what philosophical, judicial or moral grounds are you asking the question?



    You’re right, poor is vague. I mean relatively poor or, seemingly occupying a low earning position as judged by appearance – dress material goods, body posture etc.

    I suppose it’s stemming from thoughts about racial and sexual discrimination, in the work place and generally in the public domain – the space we all share. Also from certian examples of how ‘poor’ (relatively to others in their community) individuals are treated.
    A couple of examples:

    (1) a ‘poor’ dosser in a shopping centre has a bucket of water thrown over him by a security guard to clear him out

    (2) I drive a crap car and get ‘bullied/intimidated’ by other drivers in superior cars – this doesen’t happen when I am not driving crap cars.

    (3) a prostitute is murdered but the police don’t work hard to solve the case, unlike for instance when a child from a middle class family or, a celebrity is murdered.

    I wonder if racial and sexual prejudice should be joined by povety prejudice.

    time for more cake 😉

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