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    It gives me great pleasure in announcing the release of Scorched3D version 40.

    Version 40 adds many new features such as :-
    – New scoring modes
    – In game tutorial
    – Performance and security enhancements
    – Better 3D positional sound
    – Ships and other graphical enhancements
    – And many more additions and fixes.

    Download here:

    Full list of version 40 updates here:

    Full list of apoc mod updates here:

    Many thanks to:
    Bobirov, Shockwave, Irish, cbx550f, Boy, Deathstryker, jdog, mandy, Sondra, Panther30, Willis, Ebonite



    I just want to say Thanks for all the improvements, fixes, putting up with our whining about this and that, and generally being responsive to our wants for the game!!





    woohoo! Finally! You guys won’t be disappointed. I’d have to say this is the most impressive build I’ve seen in awhile.



    great job gavin!!!

    thanks for everything you do for us 😉

    keep it up everyone 😉




    To keep the news section clean, I have moved the issues and requests here. Go to this topic if you are experiencing any problems with version 40 or look at the post below for common problems. But of course, feel free to continue to leave any kudos here.



    Quick Troubleshooting for Windows users:

    If you receive errors that look similar to the images below (log in to view) when you try to start a game, navigate to your C:Documents and Settings directory and delete the “.scorched3d” folder. ( You may want to save the ids.xml file that is in that directory before deleting it so that you can retain your unique ID – cbx ). You will not need to reinstall Scorched 3D after doing this as Scorched will make a new one on startup.

    After you have deleted the folder, restart Scorched and all should be happy again.

    (Edit: nice save cbx 😉 )

    Troubleshooting the Apoc error:

    If you receive the following error shown in the pic below (help2.jpg) when you try to join an Apoc server, navigate to your Scorched3Ddataglobalmodsapocdataaccessories directory and delete the “office3” folder and restart Scorched. You should now be able to play Apoc.

    Automatic removal:

    If you’re too lazy to navigate, I went old school and created a simple batch file to do this for you. It only works if you have installed Scorched 3D to the default directory (C:program filesScorched3d). It will also back up your old user settings (including your ID file) to a folder in your Scorched directory. Log in to download below. Unzip and run the .bat file.



    WHOO HOO!!! way to go gavin!!

    *hits button on jukebox and starts dancin* 😀

    *also DL’s v. 40*



    I have to say that you have really outdone yourself this time Gavin!

    I was only on for about ten minutes, and that was on APOC to say hi to a few ScorchHeads, and I was very very impressed at what I saw, I cant wait untill I have some real time to sit and fully experience what you have done, anyway, I just wanted to say thanx for the time and effort you have put into the game.
    If you would only set a date and join us in a few games and a toast or two, My scorched experience would be unmatched, and I am sure others feel the same, BUT…… if you dont have time I guess we will somehow survive 🙄

    *raises his shot glass in a toast to Gavin*





    Crispy Critter

    *CLINK!* indeed!

    Thanks, Gavin – and the rest of the development team as well! From my very first shot, it’s been one helluva fun game!



    Version 40 Rocks!
    Good job and thanks for all the hard work on giving us this awsome game to play!



    Thank You Gavin!!!!!

    I’ve been playing Scorch around six months now and it is truly amazing everything you and the design team have created.

    A donation($) is long overdue.

    Keep up the Fire!!





    🙂 & 😥 Oh Man…..I missed the start-up of version 40. I am thouroughly depressed! I will be back on my p.c. in a week or so. I really look forward to blasting away at my new found friends. C-U soon………GGames all :))



    Of course he would do that! Releasing v40 when I have no internet access for two weeks!! GAH!!

    You all have been stacking your stats this whole time havn’t you!! 👿


    oh, i almost forgot………. HOoRaY!! 😉



    DRAT! I don’t check the forums for 2 WEEKS & this is what happens while i’m gone! OH well, it sounds GREAT TY Gavin!

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