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    It gives me great pleasure in announcing the release of Scorched3D version 38.1 (yes I keep copying this text from pevious posts 🙂 )

    Version 38.1 adds many new features such as :-
    – Player decals in game and stats
    – Better ais
    – Less lag (hopefully)
    – Mod import and export support
    – And many more small additions and fixes.

    Thanks to everyone on the scorched3d forums for their help and suggestions.

    Download here:

    Full list of version 38.1 updates here:

    Full list of contributors here:



    The new version looks great!!! The fonts are much better and the dreaded black text is gone, I also love the new tank placement although tonight i saw 2 tanks within spitting distance, it was pretty funny.
    I have to agree that the shields are pretty strong, which is cool, but I think if that is the case they should cost alot more, 😈
    it is hard to get used to for me or I am having a couple of real bad days, I have been blown up so many times in the last 48 hours I am experiencing serious brain trauma, I am afraid I may never get a frag again!!!! 🙁
    But I am sure it is just me.
    anyhoo keep up the great work !!! 😛

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