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    We are pleased to announce the release of the next Scorched 3D version, build 35.

    Download right now from :-

    New features include :-
    o Cross platform (Win32, Linux, Solaris)
    o Much improved net play and server logic
    o Players join net games at end of each move
    o Server side bots
    o Batteries, fuel, napalm, sand hogs, diggers, leapfrogs
    o ‘Nicer’ in game graphics and windows
    o New launcher front end
    o Many, many, many other changes

    I would like to thank the following people who all contributed far too much time…
    o David Beleznay – Batteries and other cool enhancements
    o Ben Phipps – Some server code
    o Joris Beugnies – Father of the Linux and cross platform version
    o Pharc – Cool icons
    o Cameron Smith – Among his other talents model maker extrodianare
    o Danny Roth – Windows help files
    o Gavin Camp – Tea, coffee and refreshments
    o Any forgotten contributors – Err sorry



    FIRST ! can’t believe :=))


    FIRST ! can’t believe :=))

    Wow, that was a quick reply post, 2 min 50 seconds .
    Not even finished the update yet.



    Here is the full list of changes…

    Changed fonts to use textures (all fonts are AA and faster)
    Much better button and scroll bar support
    All in game windows graphics changed to be ‘nicer’
    Shot angle etc. moved into new player dialog so it is always visible.
    Speach bubble visible for humans as well as computer AIs.
    Multiple moving cloud layers
    Clouds don’t look funny when looking up
    Explosions have smoke particles + trails
    Explosions have debris thrown around
    Added small tank HUD to supliment tank info dialog
    Parachutes + shields + weapons moved into the same menu option
    Added window menu options that contains all windows (cannot lower + raise windows using keys anymore)
    Player names above tanks scale with distance and are eclipsed by landscape
    New landscapes can be configured via XML resource file
    3 different landscapes added
    Added new start GUIs that make games easier to start
    Nukes create more smoke (a lot more smoke!)
    Score (rankings) dialog shown between each round

    Config files are now XML based
    Options now read from XML file and not stored in the registry
    Server can be given a file with the options in it rather that specifing all on command line
    Server can only have a set number of log lines before wrapping
    Arms level added so larger weapons can be limited
    Tank explode in random manner
    Computer AIs say things when killed
    Can specify tank model on the command line (for ASE)
    Batteries added to recharge life.
    Actions and physics can be used in engine when not firing (for effects).
    Polish tank talk files added by Dominik Czaplicki (thanks)
    Some great new tank models added by Cameron Smith (thanks)
    It now makes a sound when it is the new players turn
    Players that are not ready for their turn do not hold up multiplayer games
    Server automatically kicks clients that do not respond for set timeout
    Reduced network syncronisations need for each game
    Server also runs the physics and Server also runs the physics and is the master
    Players can join the game at any point (at the start of each shot).
    Server side bots added
    Server browser integrated into (and included with) the game
    Server can send private messages
    Server logging added
    Unqiue user id added – should allow game stats from the server
    Tanks can move (after about 100 user requests for it).
    Fuel added to accessories.
    Random tank model option available from tank screen.
    Napalm added to accessories.
    Leapfrog added to accessories.
    Sand Hogs added to accessories.
    Diggers added to accessories.
    Server can automatically kick idle players

    XML parser added
    Changed all paths to be in unix style
    Merged in and converted all source to use SDL
    Changed window so it cannot be resized (for SDL,
    Added to code to set SDL window icon
    Gamma fixed (only changes now when game actualy started, for SDL)
    All network code reworked to be cross platform.
    Server converted to SDL and unix
    Server and client will now work on Windows and Unix platforms (Solaris, Linux etc.)
    Network code multi-threaded (coms send/receive only)
    Moved client and server code into one binary
    Start GUIs are cross platform and use the wxWindows library
    ODE (Dynamic Rigid Body Physics Engine) used as physics engine.
    Changed source code to be under GPL licensing

    Fixed: Shot camera only follows own shots
    Fixed: Can delete tanks (due to player leaving) when others still have references to it
    Fixed: text can still go outside message boxes (in some boxes)
    Fixed: Sync errors between clients
    Fixed: Falling through landscape bug
    Fixed: Ragged edges to water on some geForce4 cards
    Fixed: Tank prints death message more than 1x
    Fixed: Explosions very dark
    Fixed: White outlined box around lens flares
    Fixed: Tank movement sound plays and does not stop until next human move
    Fixed: Wav files in unsupporte



    This is it! Definitely the best release that has ever been there. Playability increased by at least 200 percent, better graphics, new weapons… If other game developers updated their games like that, they would be played *much* longer! You guys RULE!



    gonna check this out asap
    hope it was worth the waiting

    #scorched @ quakenet



    when i try to play the game it says there isnt enough memory to run and then my computer crashes. can you help me?



    Great work you guys! I can’t wait to get my hands on some napalm -Muhaha- Muhahahahaha-



    Again, great work. But what happened to the trash talk when some one dies? Also, in the help window, you wrote that LShift is speed up rotation and LControl is slow down when its really the other way around.


    Again, great work. But what happened to the trash talk when some one dies? Also, in the help window, you wrote that LShift is speed up rotation and LControl is slow down when its really the other way around.

    Two good points , thanks. I have now fixed both, I will wait for any more feedback and release another fixed version soon.



    The controls are not what they used to be anyway. ‘Arrow Up’ should not lower your barrel, but raise it, and ‘Arrow Down’ vice versa. And when it´s your turn again, the angle is something with hundred-and-something degrees, unregarding of what your last angle was (and normally, only a maximum of 90° is possible).
    ‘+’/’-‘ do not increase/decrease power (at least not the ones on the keypad, as they did in the last release).

    But besides of this controlling issue, everything is really great and much better than in the last release. Perhaps you guys could implement customizable control keys or something.




    The rotation and angles look fine to me, I will keep an eye on them. I will also try to get the key pad keys to work again.

    You can invert the up/down keys by typing
    in the console.




    Great work on this. I haven’t played SE since I was in high school about 8 years ago…heh. I just submitted this to a website with a plethora of gamers. If it gets accepted, you’ll probably see a ton of new downloads.



    Woohoo!! I’m all over this!! I hope my wife doesnt divorce me!



    i can press + or – but nothing happens

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