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    Much nicer. 🙂 🙂






    trading insults is quite refreshing at times…. (dinner party voice)
    And I’m quite used to haveing my American Heritage trashed on the news and around the World so thats no sweat. I dont mind having my sexuality questioned either, thats all too commonplace.

    As far as sodomizers, they’re no hero’s, but if you really want to talk about it some more I can point you to some crazy stories. A bad penal system (yes I said penal) and a healthy meth industry can make for some bad company out here in Missouri. Why do you think we learn how to shoot and blow stuff up? Its all about self defense.

    Anyways, back to models. It’s open source, sure, go ahead with your other ideas, but I’d advise you to make a mod and call it Scorched3D-San Andreas or something like that, you’re good at names and all. In fact, I must admit, your vocabulary skills are better than mine, I had to look up the meaning of prosaic. And I’m smarter than that average stupid American. 😯 anyways, the current development crew is not likely to want to add models of genitals.

    However, the tank model you made is excellent!


    for an artillery cannon, it’s a very nice futuristic look. I’d deffinitely have it added to the game over some of the current models. The oversized muzzle and tracks are pretty cool. There’s only one thing that could make it look better- an AMERICAN FLAG on the side!



    Much more appropriate. Well done. 😉



    There’s just no fun in playing a penis tank when I can play with my own. 😀

    May I ask WHY you wanted to make a penis tank?

    On another note, the second tank is awesome.



    BUTT TANK, MAKE A BUTT TANK! or make a crap tank


    Laptops Daddy

    Zoom. Thanks. Artillery is it? : | Yeah, you’ve got a point. (It was s’posed to be a Battle Tank). How about this one then? Perhaps with a name like Annihilator.

    Made in Max 8. Started with the wheels, drew round them with a NURBS curve. Used the NURBS as target for Path Deform on a set of boxes (tracks) and used an extrusion modifier on the curve to create the wheel base. Gun cabin is the same one used for the Eliminator one (slightly different).

    It did have modelled wheels, but the triangle count was far too high. So I rendered the wheels and applied them to the wheel base as a texture. Doesn’t look much different. 4400 triangles.

    [Pictures Boy running out to his back garden with a shotgun (possibly wearing a beard and a pink dress) “Hey! What are you doing to my mule?”]

    A butt tank? How rude.


    Laptops Daddy

    Here are a couple of Max renderings (before I deleted the wheels):



    wonderful job! Only one improvement I can see is that the smaller wheels in the track texture seem to be too busy for such an overall simple look. IMO either one set of large wheels or 2 sizes is better.


    Laptops Daddy

    Yeah. I think I agree. Perhaps without the wheels. It’s (now) only a texture.


    Laptops Daddy

    Would you like to see the preliminary rendering I did of the first one (I changed it slightly since):



    please stop requesting crap. let it go. any further requests of this nature will be removed.



    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    Would you like to see the preliminary rendering I did of the first one (I changed it slightly since):

    looks pretty good like that, actually, the wheel hubs aren’t all bad, just not a bunch of them, but the smooth look is fairly cool too



    I have an Idea, make a huge snake tank that fires venom




    uuugh.. @ laptop daddy or *whoever* you are..

    Please respectfully remove that filthy tank off of our forums.
    this means the tank & the picture.

    We are a *clean* game comunity and so keep in mind that kids
    play this game too!!! so no matter what excuses you may think you
    have grounds to argue with (or) want to try & loophole around..
    Open source being as it may.. It was not intended for such *class*
    of humor.

    Even I have a sense of humor but, we all understand what
    boundrys not to cross here.

    Hopefully for your own sake you will do this before gavin sees that posting
    or you risk being banned from the website and game entirely.

    I say this knowing well enough that the lead developer/creator of
    scorched 3D will not likely appriciate seeing, nor finding that humorous
    @ all what so ever.


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