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    I’ve been chipping away at making the necessary stat additions for version 38 and while doing so I thought of another thing that might be neat to log. What about adding the number of shots for each weapon in scorched3d_weapons. It’d be nice to be able to see the weapon’s kill ratio or or things like just how many times HAS the strangelove been fired in Apocalypse. Just an idea I had while looking through things and updating.



    You mean like a “Favorite Weapon” type colum? If it would be done right I know for fact Goose would get the MIRV, Lou would get Funkys, and CBX… baby rollers or nukes.. *shrugs*. 😉



    thanx fer the mention, willis. 😛

    All bow to the smoke tracer king!



    First off, before I get started, I thought I’d toss out another quick suggestion for a few more small additions to scorched3d_weapons. Those additions being .cost and .bundlesize. Neither are critical or anything, I just think they would give the weapons pages a bit more detail. I won’t freak out if they don’t make it or anything, just thought I’d toss it out there. And now on to the main point of this post.

    Okay, check out the new allweapons page and you’ll quickly notice that kills from death animations are logged in scorched3d_weapons but not the shots themselves. This is evident by all the weapons that have kills but have no shots recorded (they also happen to all be weapons set to go off as death animations). I would think this should be one way or the other. Either both should be logged or both should not, or perhaps some other option.

    Logging both the kills and the shots from death animations probably makes more sense from a purely statistical standpoint. But then all weapons that occur as death animations will have far more shots recorded (and far lower kill ratios in most cases) than weapons that can only be fired by the players themselves. This would cause the weapon shot/kill counts to be muddied up and less reflective of player usages.

    Not logging kills or shots from death animations into this table would give all the weapons an even playing field in terms of kill ratios resulting from actual player fire. But not counting shots and kills that are actually occuring, albeit indirectly from the death animations, might be considered nonsensical.

    Perhaps the best option might be to seperate shots/kills from death animations into their own columns like deathanimationshots and deathanimationkills or something. This way each weapon’s regular shot/kill counts could be kept clean and would only be related to shots fired from the players themselves.

    I favor the third or the second option because you could see shot/kill counts from actual player shots only. With the third option, you can also see the shot/kill counts from that particular weapon’s death animations as well, though it does add 2 more columns to scorched3d_weapons. There are surely other unexplored options as well (create seperate death animations from instance). The bottom line to me is that I would like to be able to see a kill ratio for each weapon that is based solely on shots actually fired by the players, as it is more relevant than having the animation counts mixed in with it. You may, of course, disagree completely, but I figured I would toss the idea out there and give it a try.. 😉

    P.S. Also check out this new page I’m working on. It needs more work, but its showing promise.. 🙂



    For some reason, I think the latest additions to the scorched3d_weapons table caused the server to stop storing anything to scorched3d_weapons. Check out my version 38 index. If you scroll down to the very bottom and look at the top weapons list, there is absolutely no data in it even tho there have been MANY kills recorded.

    As far as I know, I haven’t done anything different when setting up the database. I sourced the most recent statstables.sql before running the build I am using. Even if I manually check out the table on my machine it returns empty when I do a select all query to the scorched3d_weapons table. Think you can give the code a brief check here and see if anything looks out of the ordinary?

    EDIT: I briefly tryed with a second database and a non-modded server and got the same result. Also tried logging into the server myself (before it was all bots the whole time) and again, got the same result.



    so will v38 official ranking still be based on total kills or is some new variable going to be used? I still feel total kills is weighted towards the people who can/do spend the most time playing…



    @ebonite² wrote:

    so will v38 official ranking still be based on total kills or is some new variable going to be used? I still feel total kills is weighted towards the people who can/do spend the most time playing…

    At the moment, yes the ranking is still based on total kills. Even the rating system I was playing with previously was still basically kill based, although it was possible for a person with less kills to rate higher than a person with more kills. And of course, the system was not integrated into the S3D code or anything, so it wouldn’t be the official ranking system even if I did put it on the pages.

    And now for the fun part. After many hours of tinkering, I think I finally have the stats pages in a functional state for version 38. If you would like to browse through the current set of pages, you can check them out here. Adding all the new database additions to the appropriate pages was easy enough. If that is all I had done I could have posted this set of pages much sooner.

    However, since there is so much information that can be retrieved/extrapolated from the scorched3d_players table, I devoted a fair amount of time to making a page that can be configured to only display data that the user wants to see. This page is called allstats.php and I hope it meets the approval of Mr. Camp. It is still a bit crude, and the code for it is somewhat longer than any other single page in the set, but it is functional.

    The set of pages is still by no means complete. I still haven’t added many of the bells and whistles that I would like to. These include displaying the player’s rank in several categories on the individual stats pages, an award system, filtering for the event and history pages, the combat rating and various other things. However, the set is functional and does contain much of the new data that is logged in version 38 as of right now.

    Gavin, I have also attached my latest test database just to give you something to use to look over the pages with yourself on your host. You could just make your own of course, but I figured I would attach it just in case. If you need to make any changes for compatibility or anything else, please feel free to do so. Just if you do, please repost the end result so I can hopefully continue to work off the same set that you will be using.

    I just want to mention that there is still the issue that kills from random death events are logged to scorched3d_weapons, but the shots themselves are not. I mentioned this and my thoughts about it previously in this topic. I really think this needs to change in some way. At the moment, it is an eyesore to see weapons that have kills logged but no shots.

    Below are some basic explanations of the options on allstats.php:

    The first select box in the options is used to select which fields will be displayed. Just in case anyone is not familiar with the use of a multiple select box you can hold down control and click on the field names to select multiple fields to display (up to 8 ). You can also select all entries from one to another by clicking on the first entry in the series you want to select, holding down shift, and then clicking the last entry in the series.

    The second column of options is used to select the filter that the user would like to use. The filter is used to filter out all players who do not meet the criteria that is selected. An example would be if you select “Kills greater than 50” as your filter, only players who have more than 50 kills will be listed.

    And the last column in the options contains the submit/reset buttons as well as the select box for the number of results per page. This select box can be used to display from 10 to 100 entries per page, as opposed to the default 25.



    Looks great 🙂 Nice job.

    The new version 38 stats tables are all working then. I will have a look at the weapons kills problem when I get time.

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