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    Like Apollo Tangent i have made a new sound for the Nuke Shot.
    It’s from the Kubrick’s movie ‘Dr.Strangelove’ when the B-52 drop the H-Bomb with the Major Kong on it.

    You can find it here:
    Copy the file in your DataWavShoot directory and make a back up of your original file.
    I hope u like it.
    (sry 4 my english)


    Apollo Tangent

    I heard it and liked it. The explosion comes as he is screaming yaaaaaaaaaheeeeeeeeeeeeooooow though.

    So i found the original link to the file and modified it. So you hear Colonel Kong scream and then you hear the explosion.

    Always remember to back up your original file into a separate folder in case you get tired with it, or don’t like it.

    It is named the xlarge.wav file

    You can find it here:

    Good work Tora, I was thinking the same idea when I made the napalm wav.

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