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    Apollo Tangent

    I have made a new napalm.wav file.

    For those of you who are familiar with Apocalypse Now, when Kilgore extolls the virtue of smelling Napalm in the morning… smelled like victory…

    Well, I did a audio edit and combined it with the OEM napalm.wav and the results are funny!

    If you want to check out the swap file and you decide that you like it… You can find it here;

    To use it, simply copy it into your /wav/explosion folder.

    Always make sure that you back up your original file into a separate folder, just in case you want to revert back to the original.

    You will find it there with the parachutes deployed wav file…

    I hope it brings smiles… And feel free to comment 😆




    i love the napalm wav file! deffinitly cool. Parachute wav good too.

    i downloaded and installed it, I’ll play later on lunch to hear it in game

    Other things on napalm: this seems like a good spot to post this

    Thre is a problem with napalm, i have been trying to perfect my skills with the weapon, thinking i can beat it, however dispite my efforts i am still losing. why does it not kill a player from above on a gentle slope when players tank is still in its little square spot that it started on. The napalm will physically pile up right at the tank, it does not seem to cover it, some goes around, and the tank only suffers 30 damage or so.

    other time it will climb up out of a deep hole and one little toungue of napalm will kill the tank sitting just off from the edge of the hole. what gives?

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