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    hello people!

    i have finally managed to compile the logo i have been thinking about for a while ..

    the last one i made, a few folks had complaints that i have picked it up from some other place so this time i decided to make it from scratch. Please everyone give your votes if u want to see a little more change in the new version.



    Nice beginning Yus..


    pastor of muppets

    I like it.



    @pastor of muppets wrote:

    I like it.




    The logo is subject to change. It might require a few modification like replacing/appending the explosion graphic with a tank graphic. Waiting for response from developers.

    Suggestions/corrections are welcomed.




    now time for modifications .. here is the second sample of the logo … this is revised and more detailed as u can see.

    The pole remains open for the first LOGO only now the second one. This one is just an alternative if more people like this one more.

    thank you,

    keep voting



    I really like the first logo you posted Yusuf. I think is more sleek thatn teh second one.



    well thank you outer, pomsta and irish ..

    finally heres a last one to choose. the bolt is improved and the smoothing reduced



    OK Yusef… Nice Job.. Good choices. I personally dont Care WHICH Logo is used.
    Im getting ready to Post a Hyper Link to the Tahoe Website.It wont cost Gavin any money.It should look good and get Scorched some more exposure.
    It’ll be funny too.I’m gonna do a banner,,,
    then do far away ZOOM shots up onto the banner from different locations around the Lake.Top of Ski Lifts..
    Have a guy dressed like me… Holding banner..Does a Double BacK Flip,and when he lands..IM holding the Banner like I did the jump.Good Fun.
    Or a Zoom in from across the Lake with a Para it zooms in..Theres a Scorched Banner floating behind Sailor.
    My buddies own the WebSite and Camera Equipement.Easy for me.

    I can’t use any ‘NonSanctioned” artwork.Its gotta be pre approved by Gavin before I can put it “out” there as a Scorched Emblem.
    Hurry this process please.Or I have to use what he already has.
    Even Tho this is “open sourced”, we have to stick to protocol.
    Lemmee know what you guys decide.Heres the website we’ll be on again.

    FYI I live about 1 mile from Camp Richardson on the map.Its ALL woods all the way to Sacremento from here.(about 200miles) Desolation Wilderness is behind me.Pretty Creepy back there.Pretty.. but Creepy



    pastor of muppets

    I like the first. Shy you had better post a link this time!!!!!!!!!



    I went for YES, I like the concept. But I would still change it a little, the Mushroom Cloud should be bigger, and the diagonal text is too small to be read on a small logo, the text shoudl go under and should be horizontal as normal.

    It would be best to incorporate as much 3D immage as possible in any logo as well.



    I like it.
    but if that logo is used as icon, the mushroom and the text definitely must be bigger.
    With what program you made it? The best practice is for that kind of designs to be available in some source vector format – (e.g. SVG) (except when the model is to much 3D, or the logo is big)
    Then the logo can be easily exported in any size. 🙂



    If u observe, all logos are meant to represent the title and not actually show it .. in this case i put the “scorched 3D” text cause it would outer wise appear too empty.. the text is not even supposed to be there so there is no question of making the text bigger .. secondly , the nuke explosion -if made bigger- would be too much of a distraction from the subject .. i have made the logo tilted to 45 degrees because if placed on a normal square, it would be as objective .. the purpose of making this logo was to eliminate the idea of continuation of the previous logo, and also to make one which would be completely unique in all aspects ..



    Nice LOGO yusuf..
    Logo is really a very nice dude, i am impressed..



    Maybe turn the “Scorch 3D” horizontal and make it bigger. A tank with the mushroom would be cool. Nice work.

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