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    I was just wondering has anyone tried to implement new way of playing Scorched3D?

    I was wondering if the source code would allow for one to create a gameplay mode where a player has x amount of cities that provide cash and ability to place more weapon platforms on the map for defense and offensive action to target other players?



    Its theoreticaly possible, not sure if the Scorched3D engine would be the best for it though. Perhaps some other RTS would be a better starting point.



    one way perhaps of doing it is something like this have at game start when map is loading randomly place a cities close and linked to each player, then by doing some gui hacks one implements the mouse cursor that is used in the buy menu to allow it for use in game but a key has to be pressed then just have each city generate little cash each tick that goes to player. and to buy new systems just allow the player to bring up the buy menu round instead of at end of round then it places the system on terrain where the player clicks like how in AWE a player can target an area for air strike but instead of calling in airstrike it would deploy a building at that spot.

    Just some idea’s on how it could be done.. 🙂

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