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    I thought some of you Debian based users would be interested in this newest release. (I am typing this on a 700mhzp3-256mb-dial up) Runs lightning fast 😀

    About Puppy Linux
    Yes, Puppy Linux is yet another Linux distribution. What’s different here is that Puppy is extraordinarily small, yet quite full featured. Puppy boots into a 64MB ramdisk, and that’s it, the whole caboodle runs in RAM. Unlike live CD distributions that have to keep pulling stuff off the CD, Puppy in its entirety loads into RAM. This means that all applications start in the blink of an eye and respond to user input instantly. Puppy Linux has the ability to boot off a flash card or any USB memory device, CDROM, Zip disk or LS/120/240 Superdisk, floppy disks, internal hard drive. It can even use a multisession formatted CD-R/DVD-R to save everything back to the CD/DVD with no hard drive required at all!

    Link to Puppy 2.15 Community Edition Final release


    Tyr it/You’ll like it



    YAY 😀 😀



    I told Naka I was going to try this new distro version on my newest PC (The Q6600-6gbRam-x38-Nvidia9800gtx)– Well, “Slap some oil on me & call me slick” ……LOL……It works!! On dialup even 😯

    Puppy Linux 4.1.2
    Link ➡

    You can run this straight off your cd drive-copy to Hdd-Run from usb, A very versatile Operating System.
    The size of the OS varies from 80MB (Yes-Megabytes)to approx. 140MB. Make a ISO disk & you are set.
    Btw-I am typing this from my Newest PC 🙂
    Run this on an older pc-you will see much improved speed!!

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