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    Is it time for a most wanted feature(that can be done) post again?

    Idea, new enviroments? Outerspace (simulated) , underwater. Tired an underwater level and the camera messes up with a lot of water on the map and water seems to dissapear in some parts when there is alot of it on the map. (Start at a water level of 50 and go up still you see what I mean. I don’t remember what level of water I had at the time.)

    Gavin would it be possible to have a Tanksaiweapons.xml(of some file like this) file for AI only weapons? This would be used just for weapons/shields that you don’t want in the accessories.xml for the ai only to buy.

    -BUG Report-

    1. Click on the button -Join a game over the internet or LAN
    2. bring up the severs list (internet games)
    3 click on a sever that isn’t using the same version of the game you are.
    I.e your using 39.1 the sever is using 38
    4. get incompatable version warning
    5. click ok
    6. game “may” crash with no warning (sometime it will go back to sever list)

    Game should always go back to sever list and let you pick a new compatable sever

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