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    just wondering how the network code is coming? also was wondering what the time frame was for geting the new make file for other c++ compilers out?



    Hmm, I seemed to have missed this message somewhere along the way. Oh well I’ll answer it now….

    The network code is almost complete.
    What I have now has :-
    o dedicated server
    o ASE integration (server browsing) code
    o network enabled client

    The stuff I have left to do is mostly just tidy up and testing. Its looking pretty good even if I say so myself .

    As for the code compilation on other compilers…
    I have written a perl script to turn the .NET project files into borland Makefiles (since Microsoft have removed their export makefile option from .NET, thanks guys).
    I have also written another makefile that removes Microsoft specific pragmas from the code base.
    Also I found new versions of the DirectX libraries that work with the Borland compiler.
    Presently the code compiles fine and runs, but no window appears , almost there. I will look into it and let you know when it is totally finished.

    For anyone that is interested the free compiler is available at :-
    and the borland compatible DirectX libraries are at :-



    Well thnx for the update, and i can’t say it enugh, you rock! thnx for you time in this game and geting back to all of us.

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