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    Ok napalm was hard but this is gonna be insane…

    I will try my best.

    Please don’t get mad at me if it turns out crappy cuz it probably will be…

    I have no idea how long this one will take…


    The AI

    hmm, you could grab a mike, and just record it, or try merging sounds; but I have never done sound work, so I have no clue howit would be done



    I would but my mic isn’t working.

    I’ll just have to get another or try and fix it myself.

    But for now I will try and do it on the cpu.


    The AI

    Low all, KTM and I shall be in the twilight zone for the next two weeks, and won’t be able to post. Have fun brain storming, I might be back earlier but most likely not, so don’t freak ( 😀 ).

    Cheers, The AI


    The AI

    finally back, I think I have all the deer ticks picked off, so whats going on the the neighbor hood?



    doom(not me) and gloom.


    The AI

    hmmm, out of hunger (for food), boredom, and the fact that two of the people helping me think they are persona non grata right now, I need weapon ideas, I am, as stated above, hungry, and can’t think of anything right now…



    Weapon ideas… hmmmm…. just reread your opening post to this thread….

    I’m thinking, for the “naught”, maybe a weapon like, use weapon multi (or maybe aimedover/under) and split it into two, the first is a mild earthquake (a la Shockmod, but WAY milder), the second weapon is delayed by about a second, and is a sandhog type weapon, but with a collisionaction that takes life away.

    For shadow, maybe something like Apoc’s acid gas, but with a dark texture, and a “creepier” sound (try slowing down the acid gas sound maybe, with a bit of reverb?)

    For light, the possibilities are endless, and more obvious… check out the roman candle from Scavenger – I’m getting ideas from that.

    For gvral, I’m thinking using an apex weapon that explodes at apex, and drops a fair number of pure kinetic weapons from above. Picture the missile going up, arcing at high speed, and at the apex many really heavy things fall . I’m thinking about the Piano from Roofmod except with more pianos, but that might be a bit goofy for this. 😉


    The AI

    thanks cbx, two questions though, first, I need to get I copy of roof mod, I can most likely find one some where, the second question, do you know of any way to make a dark explosion texture for scorched? I have tried for hours upon end to get one, I can get any shade under the sun, then again, dark colors aren’t often seen in bright sunlight, heh. Thanks for the weapon ideas, they helped a few things come to me, most likely not in the manner in which you thought, but an authors inspiration comes in disjointed and illogical patterns.



    I have a roofmod version in my mods dir which dates back to nov. 14th 2006 and is 4.6M heavy.

    If nobody else can offer better drop me a pm with your email.


    The AI

    just to update, I am starting to get some things worked out with neg, but my internet is being spotty right now, to give a bit of a heads up for what is to come, here is a bit off the top of my head:

    all aspects get three (as of yet) starting weapons:
    [insert aspect] charge
    [insert aspect] tilted charge

    also I have a few outstanding weapons in (pseudo) progress:
    Shattered hail
    Tattered essence
    Essence rip
    Bore cannon

    those are to come, I hope……


    The AI

    hmmm, does anyone know of a good (and free) explosion rendering program? I can’t seem to figure out lhfire……..



    Nope not a clue.


    I got some weapon ideas though!

    They have no side yet just some ideas for weapons…

    Avenger-A very powerful minigun that sprays streams of 5 bullets in a line and refires at a random angle but all 5 bullets go in that direction.

    Upon impact the bullet streams create a cross pattern.

    Look at the ground shocker in toy box or merge mod to see the kind of effect each bullet would have when impacting.

    The streams won’t actually be 5 bullets but a model that looks like 5.

    And the avenger streams would look like the beams in scorch wars.

    Next idea is the Sun Sphere.

    This one will be easier to make.

    You simply launch a bright yellow ball and after a short delay it begins to shine off dozens of low powered yellow light beams which would really be yellow lasers in all directions!

    When it hits the ground it rolls for about 6-10 seconds before exploding into an intense flash of light!

    The next one is a real unique one…

    The Miner or Ram Drill is the only names I could think of.

    Well the best description I can give is this.

    8-16 blue laser beams are fired a short distance from your tank and are at an angle. The lasers don’t stay for a long time and disappear in maybe .5-1 second. After disappearing new ones are formed in a clockwise direction and the process is repeated maybe 4-8 times.

    Finally there is the Tremor.

    A projectile that is the model of a digger goes into the ground.

    After 2-4 second delay, 3-5 streams of uniquely shaped fissures are created and at the same time the ground shakes creating more damage.

    Here I made some pics too!


    The AI

    hmmm, yet more inspiration, those are some good ideas freak, and welcome back, you were incognito for a while there, ironically, I had an idea like the tremor a while ago. now the avenger, it gave me an idea that is symbolic to a distinct minority (aka, Sloan).



    Ok I need a new list of sounds to make for ya.

    Also I will think of new ideas for weapons every night!

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