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    The AI

    today KTM has been pokin’ me ’bout explaining a bit more about the structure of neg, so here it goes: for the weaponry of the four sides, the themes of them are both that of their respective aspects (light,shadow,nothing,matter), but also there is certain styles to them, nought, for instance uses lots of multi-projectile weapons, while grval is all about mass (heavy shells, chucking gray matter). that is mainly it for nought and grval, I am trying to keep them abstract so that they are more unique. Now for light and shadow I have stuff a tad more nailed down. Shadow uses human tech as a bolster for there combatants, they have things such as: rail guns, microwave cannons (thanks for the sound on that one freak), radiation shells and Mirvs. For light, they use only their own power, but they use mainly apex triggered stuff, mirv style, and homing. All sides will have at least two napalm type weapons. I have some textures already but I will need to get my hands on some more. I hope this has clarified some things. poke me if you have questions/comments/ideas.



    What Sound Do you want next?

    I’ll start working on it right away!


    The AI

    another update, a few days ago I downloaded XML marker, makes stuff easier, but I am running into problems, when I reference any weapon that, in turn references another weapon, it cant find it, so I am trying to figure that one out. On the sound stuff freak, I was thinking a new napalm burn sound, something a tad more intense. like you are incinerating people with demonic flame, sound good? oh and also, how easy wold it be to edit some sounds?



    can’t wait to see a preview of the mod..
    would be cool if you could post a screenshot or 2 🙂



    Alright Man I will try my best on that one.

    I have a feeling that this one is going to be tough for I don’t know exactly what sound burning flesh makes…

    Actually take that back.

    I’ve got set on fire 7 times already in my life but its not like I took out a sound recorder in the process.

    As for editing sound…

    It really all depends on the wave lengths (the length between the top of two waves or crests) and the height of the waves.

    If it is longer then it is much easier to cut out sound accurately but if it is shorter then it is very difficult to take it out at the right spot.

    Height means the strength or volume of the sound.

    If it is stronger then it is much easier to hear mistakes and scratchiness.

    You can always lower the volume of the sound but then that means all the rest will go up and it may al be scratchy.

    And if you are making your own brand new unique sound then…

    Lets not go into that…



    just add a roaring sound in the background. and I don’t mean the growling roar, I mean the deep sounding roar.




    Its not easy to create sounds.

    Read above…

    Try making your own sound…



    I have a cropload of sounds, and a program that can merge two or more sounds together, (wav only) that’s what I was referring to. I can help If you want, as long as you don’t want a super unique or complicated sound.



    Doom I am making my own sounds not some kind of premade sound!

    What else would MAKING sounds meant?

    😐 :-s 😕



    you realize that merging two or more sounds together is basically what making a sound is. and I’m getting sick of how everyone is so mean to me on these forums. Some examples are

    1. I try to start a mod project and people go crazy

    2. I explain and people ignore it

    3. I explain AGAIN and the admins DELETE the post

    4. people just plain ignore me and treat me like a moron.

    5. nobody even notices how much less annoying I’ve gotten since I first joined.



    Frankly, Doom – I’m a bit sick of how people treat you as well, but this is not the thread to discuss that in.

    Pls try to stay on the topic all. If the offtopic is to continue, pls continue it in an appropriate topic and forum.


    Also, as someone mentioned, a screenie of this mod would be nice. 😉



    The AI

    Thank you cbx, I would have delt with this my self but I had company this week end. As for screens, I only have two unquine looking weapons assembled, and one of which is not even nearly done. but I might be able to get some things up.


    The AI

    here’s a sample of what I have done so far in neg, enjoy


    The AI

    just a quick thought, UI, does anyone know of anyone who has a uncle with a pen pal that knows jack about makin’ a UI?



    Nice, explosions.

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