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    Ok I wasn’t sure that it wasn’t operating system dependent. Just checked and my external is FAT32, which was a surprise, and the internals NTFS as expected.

    external drives/memory sticks are often preformatted to fat32 for cross os compatibility, but thats a remnant from the pre xp days and a consideration for non windows users. theres nothing wrong with having a mixture of file sytems on your pc.

    ntfs is superior to fat32 and def the way to go for windows use. (not least due to the 4gb fat32 file size limit and lack of compression). i also keep ext2 drivers in windows, matter of interest. its useful for checking my various linux partitions.



    Mine is working fine. How and why, I could care less at this point. Once it’s booted up, it’s faster than I am. What more could one ask.

    Calling the service center is still not a bad idea if this hasn’t been done. If nothing else, to make a timely record that you are having problems you weren’t having before (always a good idea) and to see what they have to say (not a bad idea either).

    By the way lappy … check the feature post, I updated my reply to you a little while back and since it was an edit instead of a bump, it doesn’t show as being updated.

    That may not be a texture file.

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