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    I can make you models of anything you need. Trees, Tanks, Weapons.

    I can’t skin that well though.

    If you need any help just ask.

    My AIM: Rasulis
    My ICQ: 60637105



    Yeah why is it so difficult to make good skins? Commercial games make it look so easy

    Thanks for the offer of help, it is very gratefully received especially as I know you are busy on your own game.

    I am presently working on the networking code. After that I would definitely like to get in touch, its great to hear from other developers



    i can sorta skin, not anything to fancy, but i have reskinned a few Q2 and some TFC weapons to my liking.



    Thanks m8,

    The skins are pretty basic at the moment. Weapon skins are fixed (as you have probably noticed ). But the tank skins can be changed. If you look in the data anks directory there are a bunch of ASE files and a bunch of BMP files.

    The ASE files are 3D studio max ASCII export files containing the tank meshes.
    The BMP files are windows 24 bit bitmap files containing the skins that are used for the tanks.

    When the game runs it looks for BMP files that match the name of the ASE files and loads them as the skins. So to add more skins just add more BMP files to this directory. The BMP files will need to start with the same name as a ASE file.

    No pressure, just thought people might like to know



    Oh yeah that reminds me. The source package contains a skincreator.exe file.

    When this file is given an ASE file as a command line argument it creates a base template skin that can be ‘coloured’ in.

    It creates the new base skin with the same name as the ASE file so make sure there is not already a BMP file with that name.



    Ha I just came here to ask if the tanks can be added to or replaced! Thanks for all the info.
    Is there anything we need to know about polygon count? Turret rotation/elevation? Maybe I should just load one up and check it out…

    While on the subject how about editing other parts of the ame? Can I edit the lens flare images to reduce the intensity of the flare? Can the poly count of the water or the land be inreased? What would happen if I tried to add larger textures to tanks/environment maps etc?

    Sorry I get carried away!



    There is no limit to the tank polygon count. Presently I have kept it fairly small (so all machines can cope). However there is code in the game to perform LOD transformations on the meshes, this could/will be used to reduce the polys in the tank meshs. So if people send me meshes with lots of polys I will turn this on so users can choose the poly count.

    The ASE file can contain as many primitives as needed (mesh primitives only). Make sure the export options for the ASE are the same though as the reader expects an exact format.

    The ASE file must contain at least two primitives ‘Turret’ and ‘Gun’. The game picks these out and rotates them etc. seperatly from the rest of the model when needed.

    Any images in the game can be changed, there is no limit to the texture sizes for any images (as far as I remember) even for the skins (except for the hardware limits usualy 2024×2024 ).

    The max water and land poly count can be increased, although only through code. I can make this option if you want.

    It should be fine to use larger textures for the environment or the tanks.



    Wow thanks for the reply, plenty of info there. I’m no programmer but it sounds like you’ve come up with a very open-ended system.
    Don’t go to any great effort on my account, but that option to increase poly count would be very welcome!

    I’d like to try my hand at modifying a few of the things i asked about, I’ll post if I come up with anything people might like.

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