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    Continued from security and nasties thread (now locked)

    @willis wrote:

    Hmm.. i don’t know whats more amusing.

    The fact you now return calm collected and claiming to have set us all up?

    Or the fact that my opinion and statements about you (public AND private) have not faulted one bit? And I still belive you have gone too far and should now expire.

    Your joke was funny, but how was mine?

    Regarding jokes….. I have a few questions/issues. First, a quote

    @deathstryker wrote:

    In case you guys didn’t figure it out yet, the admins are forum moderators now.

    This message isn’t meant to scare anyone. Everything will be at about the same lax state it’s always been. So do what you guys have always been doing- Well most of you guys.

    In case you all are wondering, recent events are what prompted this action. Also, Gavin did not ask us to do this. We asked him so if you got anything against it, talk to us and not him.

    1. Spyrer’s thread seemd like a useful one for us. Gavin thanks for putting us at ease about the security issues raised, I thought it was good topic however, asside from personals it could have helped people understand the nature of internet security, something we all (me too) need to know more about. Unfortunately someone locked it.

    2. Willis, what is your joke? is it that you locked the thread from further comments, or something else. is it connected to the term “expire”? Certainly the new moderator powers are involved in this. If AT is not banned of forums then why lock it, he can always go post another place.
    2.1. problem: if I piss off an admin in both game and forums, can i
    expect to be completely shut out of the game?
    (note: willis, i dont expect to piss anyone off, i agree with your point of view the vast majority of the time, however this time it is personal with AT and you, I cant relate – doing my best to walk the impartial tight rope)

    Apollo has admitted to being a jerk, on purpose. Not the way to go about getting your way, in my opinion he was too drastic. apollo, you proved that the admins will defend themselves, but that is human nature, what do you expect them to do if you attack them? They know you dissagree with them, you should have gone about it differently. His repor with willis was gone along time ago, it really was crummy to see him ruin his repor with direwolf as well, who did nothing at all.

    Other than being crass and rude, I want to know what other rules he’s broken. Is this all about his language? If he were not a former number 1 player, and had not already set up two sites for scorch3d gaming on his own, would anyone be listening to him. this is blunt, but are others threatened by him because of his influence. Admittedly, at this point he needs a break for a while

    Another thing, Apollo’s thread on Admin guidlines is a “sticky topic” (hint: that means posts are supposed to be there) I want to know why there is nothing, have admins just not got around to setting guidlines? perhaps its time they do. Especially now that they are moderators.



    Ok I can see drastic clearification is in order..

    First and formost _I_ had not locked the topic, stryker had. I had more to say on the issue which, I will be saying shortly..

    My word choice of “joke” was intended as drastic sarcasm. It was intended in the sense that, Apollo’s post was acting to have been serious and clear minded (ergo NOT a joke), hence forth neither was mine.

    My post’s true nature, of which I can see not best illustrated, was that I don’t belive Apollo’s post. The notion that this was a huge setup and planned to make us look like fools is idiotic. I sooner belive he’s covering his own backside to avoide more retaliationi and make him no longer seem like the jerk and, well, lowlife he shown himself to be.

    Boy the thing is, becuase I have the title of Admin changes nothing on my feelings. If I was not admin apointed and Apollo or anyone for that matter would have bursted out in that nature, I would still share the same viewpoints. The only difference is that I can do something about it.

    Regarding the Forums and Game… to “piss off an admin” then IMO you’d have to be TRYING to get them mad. Your not going to do it by accident, and if your trying… you deserve what you get. But to better state your question, if something happens and you get kicked/banned from the server should something happen on the forums? Or the other way around? .. Really I don’t know anymore; sometimes its too easy for emotions to travel from one to the other so although you may think it’ll be ok, victums start up on their rage spurt and end up banishing themselves on the other, also.

    Hence forth what happend to Apollo as I gather, he was evicted from the server (by Apache) so filled with rage he mindlessly floods the forums with hate messages. I never (never go t the chance) removed Apollo from the server nor do I belive I could remove him from the forums even if I wanted to.



    Thanks, that answers some of my questions.


    Apollo Tangent

    Willis is starting to think like an ADMIN now…

    All of the admins should dedicate some time with Gavin to “hash out guidlines”. Then post a final version of it on the admin guidelines thread.

    That’s why the sticky thread on GUIDLINES was started by me…

    Admin’s should not use their powers as a personal security balnket. Instead they should be there to enforce guidlines and rules “globally”.

    I was totally fed up with the lax control ie: the powers that are there but not enforced until and admin gets attacked.

    First and foremost an admin should defend “Other players”. Yet I haven’t seen that happen.

    Admin powers are not some form of discretionary tool to save yourself from harassment. They are there for you to use as an un-biased regulator of actions that occur on the game’s server. One example of which is when you see 4 or 5 people logged in and they all have the same rank of 356… that should be a good indication that there is one person multi – logged to provide himself/ herself an unfair advantage.

    Although Gavin has instituted a ONE LOG / ONE IP protocol on the server, there is a workaround for it.

    That’s not paranoia that’s a fact.

    I’ve lost respect for the admin’s due to their lack of enforcement on a few game play issues. I even used SchoKwaVe as a victim of verbal assaults and taunts. while the whole time never being warned by admins whom were there to witness it.

    Does anyone remeber that?

    Shockie has a thick skin, He knows it’s just a ploy to get him to target me first, HE even acknowledged that fact to me (That in hindsight He saw the methodology in my doing that).

    Although, you might think that there is some kind of personal hatred that I might hold towards Scockie… I don’t have any, I’ve even complimented him on his great skills as a modeler.

    On the other hand he does hold a grudge against me, and I can’t blame Him. His grudge is so strong that I know (since I asked Him) that He hates me so much that He hasn’t even bothered to try “Warp Grid”.

    Now let’s figure something out. Who has the longer fuse?

    One who let’s things bother Him for months silently, then perps a crime on the forum to point these things out?


    A few that are totally at ease at “lashing out” in rebuttal? Not knowing that the perp intends to see that as an indication of “weakness”.

    I don’t even know what a JEDI MIND TRICK is, since I’m not a “Warzie” or “Trekkie”.

    IS what I did something akin to that? Please enlighten me…



    afterthought: You may or may not know of my background in the Military.
    I was Security Forces in the A.F.

    One of the tools of that trade is to totally throw off your enemy by enraging them to such a point where you can gain the “Upper Hand”.

    Not so much a JEDI MIND TRICK but a valid tool none the less.



    I understand your concern BOY, but keep in mind that while I did lock it, I did not delete it because, I agree, there were some useful issues there. Gavin had already addressed them so I felt it didn’t really need to go any further. If you notice, towards the end the subject wasn’t so much about security. Had it been, I would have left it unlocked.

    Also, AT, the fact that you would ridicule other people to prove a point is a tactic that I’m not fond of. You’ve pissed some people off with your “joke” and this community doesn’t need that. The only reason you are being noticed for some sort of action is because you have taken your behavior much more out of context than anyone has ever done here before.



    Although Gavin has instituted a ONE LOG / ONE IP protocol on the server, there is a workaround for it.

    That’s not paranoia that’s a fact.

    The server does allow only one one connection from the same IP.

    However if multiple people connect with the same stats ID (but different ips) then they will get the same rank. I guess if you had multiple pcs sharing the same ID then this would happen.

    I’ve not really considered it a big issue before, but if it is anoying you you may be glad to know I have also added an option in the latest release to allow the server to be restricted to one connection per stats ID.


    Apollo Tangent

    Work arounds should be restricted.

    Also, perhaps and user / password log in should be implemented.

    Thirdly. That right hand column for rank (IMO) should be eliminated.

    A tank is a tank. You should not be rewarded skill points based on ranks.

    If you kill a tank, it’s the machine that the person is in and not necessarily the driving experience of the person operating it.

    Since rank has no perks other than being saavy. Why grant skill points to those who take a shot at that tank?

    A kill is a kill. If I kill tank ranked 300 because I care to target it first, I maintain my kill, but If I kill ranked (1-10) I’m rewarded with higher skill points because I shot them point blank?

    round 1- 5.

    Hmmm people were perplexed when I posted “SELL ROUNDS”.

    Now that it’s out in the open, I feel as though I’m playing myself at times. That’s not necessarily a “bad thing”. I’m very tired of not being challenged in the game. People would target me because of rank. Plus it would be detrimental for me to target a sure shot as far as stats go.

    That’s not news, it’s a biased eqaution that you might consider changing though.

    Thanks Gav.


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