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    The AI

    For some twisted reason, names matter, thus I am going to start bouncing them off from all of you.

    AHRIMAN — it has a bit of a violent background, but it sounds good in the air.

    ÆSC — Yes, it has that funny “Æ” symbol and I am not quite sure how to pronounce it, but it is nice and short.

    YASEN — it has flow, perhaps too much though

    PHIRUN — not the average name in my area, but it means rain (I think)

    DURKRI — not a name at all, not even a word, but those word generators can make some funky stuff

    SHARTH — more generation, I think it might be a combination of shardik and darth, not sure though, I stuck in a whole boat load of words

    That is it so far. I am going to continue to look around, and no, this is not to name a kid, that would just be wrong (considering I listed a Persian god of darkness, death, and destruction)



    I always liked “Phobos” as an alternative to my much greater name.


    The AI

    Hmm, Greek for fear, interesting. My I ask why?


    The AI

    Chingis — figured I would throw it out here, not really fitting, but it is an opening for a question or two I have for turko-mongol names, not all that many things to be found on them online.

    I should also add a bit of clarification, I have included a picture of the face I am trying to name if it will help; made in the TES4 editor, using a wacom bamboo tablet.

    I am still sort of fishing around, not sure what sort of name would fit the face.


    Khada — I haven’t found its meaing yet. -update- its a scarf.

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