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    Another gem – you cut the part where you called me “bastard” though. 😉


    guy parker

    nice video, thanks for sharing… and yay you got a pretty good shot of my ton of dirt catching that DH 🙂 it happens fast though, I almost missed it. these videos are getting better, but there seems to be an over abundance of funky bombs…

    for something different have you ever filmed on the apoc server? (as if people played it anymore, hehe). I like playing apoc but i rarely find people to play it with. it could offer some nice new shots though with all the different weapons available. I actually saved up and got to use a Strange Love a while ago, but there were only 4 people on the map (including me) and it only killed one person so it was rather a waste, but cool to see go off. would have been beautiful if there were like 10-12 players… hahaha.



    Nice video.

    The wallpaper at the end of the video I was actually thinking about sending to you myself. 😀

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